What is in a name : My fruity trip

The thought of going somewhere new or old or just anywhere is always super exciting, exhilarating and fun.

I know, I am gushing over the words , but I really can not help it, travel does this to me.

Mango is my favorite fruit and I am always happy when it is in season, sometimes I process it into juice or smoothie all depending on my mood.

Today I stumbled on the South African airline called Mango. This sounded like melody to my ears, just rolling the name of the Airline on my tongue not the fruit ( the picture in my mind : words paint pictures in our mind ) I could literally feel the taste and breathe in an exotic Island  at the mention of the airline.


Safe for constraints, I will head to South Africa right away to board one of their craft, hmnn, this can happen sooner than I think not minding the fact that the only African country I have visited is Cotonou.

This brings to mind that a name can create feelings or re- awaken memories that will attract people to your product or destination.

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