Once upon a time, I sojourned to a land unknown, to study a course stumbled into by serendipity and while studying found my voice, today the rest is history in the making. I enrolled in Tourism development as part of a double major course and found myself in a class of 5, the only female, 1 Briton, 2 Vietnamese and  lastly from Phuket.

L-R : 2 Vietnamese, Tutor, myself – Nigerian , Phuket – Thailand, Briton

They all had dreams,  plans and 2 of them had a Tourism related job back home. Class was fun and very interactive as there was no where to hide in the midst of a crowd of five. At the beginning, I had fuzzy pictures in my head of what I wanted to do with the course or greater still trying to figure out what am doing in the class .

One day, just like waking up from a deep sleep, it became crystal clear thus Travel begins at home (Project TBAH) was born and I started embracing,  my deep – rooted love for going out, follow – follow (following parents on trips, market runs, barbershop, mechanic workshop  etc)  and travelling .

Memories came flooding back of  trips I made legally and illegally all fresh and green . One day,  while still in Primary school on a PE (Physical Education) uniform wearing day.  PE uniform was dirty from school  and on getting home, refused to change it, played some more , climbed trees and part of lunch spilled on the front. Later In the evening,  Mom was speaking with my Uncle about an errand to my cousins house, before she concluded with him, I quickly went outside and sneaked into the boot of the car (see below the car type,very roomy boot ) Panel van (as we used to call it then )

Took a good position and balanced well.  He pulled out of the compound and no one noticed I was missing. Midway to my cousins, I startled my Uncle by jumping from the boot to the back seat. Luckily for us both he had a lot of shock absorber so he did not crash the car. I moved on to the front seat and chatted with him all the way oblivious of the storm brewing back home.

Back home, it was getting dark and a search party was looking for me everywhere, including under the beds. Eventually someone suggested I probably followed my Uncle but Mom was double sure I did not as she saw him drive out.  After a call to my cousins  land line phone, everyone breathe a sigh of relief as they now know my where about.

On getting back, I got the beating of my life for :

  • Going out looking this dirty !
  • Hiding in the boot and startling my Uncle : which Mom said could have caused an accident.

Did i stop doing follow follow ? No but I sure never hide in the boot ever again !

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