Thank God its Friday is the regular trending hash tag for the last working day of the week. Friday is the day everyone gets to relax and unwind as the parte after parte is about to begin, someones laptop is shutting down as early as possible, rallying friends and colleagues for a hangout. The ladies sometimes band together while the guys also call for a night out with the guys.


The co-operate world is not left out as most companies make it a part of their culture to organize social events on Fridays, characterized with music, food, drinks, karaoke, dancing competitions etc. Everyone gets to unwind and to be honest, some don’t know where to draw the line . Take for example an employee who is widely known for drinking to stupor at such events to the point of misbehaving. Does management and colleagues still have the same level of respect for that individual ? Or does h/she become the subject of hushed whispers in the office ? The human mind can be prejudiced and judgmental thus HR can reach out to the person saying can you please tone it down at TGIF events.

In response, h/she could become quiet , withdrawn, touchy and become anti social at a supposed company social event. Thus making it counter productive which can eventually lead to employee not motivated and this may hasten exit from the work place.

On a Friday, companies can try to find more creative ways to getting everyone amused and get social, some companies even ask employees to contribute money for Tgif ***rolling eyes. For me, a spa Friday with all the works won’t be a bad idea plus good food after, I will go home walking on air , relaxed and bet you my thoughts will be crystal clear.


Hello management and HR, a social evening is a great time for team bonding , don’t dull on this, get your thinking caps on,

Have a great Friyay !

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