Independence day — National Owanbe day

On the 1st October 1960,my dear Fatherland gained independence and became a sovereign nation,Nigeria, I hail and doff my hat for you.

Today,this giant clocks 60 years old and I really want to say a happy birthday to this great nation.

Oh great Nigeria, I call you thus as so much greatness lies within even thought your steps falter and your tongue stutters,you still remain a giant.

In a bid to attract foreign visitors to our dear nation, I have a strong feeling we should re -christen this day our national owanbe day. This I believe will attract more visitors and the international media will put a spotlight on us which will keep the world smiling in the face of so much gloom as a result of the recent pandemic. The world sure needs a time of refreshing and something to smile about.

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World over and even for Nigerians in diaspora, we are known for our lavish partying and over the top celebrations. Nigerians have been known to spend fortunes on weddings¬† or burials, amounts that could easily buy a house or set one up for life. We are the go lucky happy kid, who always finds something to laugh about even in the worst of cases, turn up memes with national issues and even start selling customized merchandize for such events. So why can we not just turn this to a national treasure ? Instead of having propaganda agendas, unending meetings, anniversary committees and what nots, lets just have a giant party nation wide. Customized Nigeria at 60 Ankara and lace made available and delivered to our houses. Then maybe this will help us know the actual number of people who got the Covid-19 relief materials. Imagine, this can even shed light on how well the national cake is going round by the number of selfies we see popping up. The Yoruba people of Nigeria will say “ko wo ankara ko je semo ” (No uniform Ankara for the party, no food for you ).

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Lets us have one giant party in states and local governments, estates and streets with each region celebrating their local talents, local Mama put/eateries given government money to make delicacies for citizens to walk in and eat. Nigerians are hospitable and we have amazing delicacies worth trying.

Independence inspired meal

How else can we celebrate this day and touch the life of Nigerians, make the masses happy, break records and get the attention of the whole world ?

Source – loveweddingsng

Where did this crazy idea come from ?

Every year on the 1st of October, I see a lot of pictures popping up on social media with Nigerians dressed in GREEN and WHITE, with a lot of efforts and creativity in place. Even schools are not left out, requesting preschoolers up to secondary schools to dress in national colours . Thus why not turn this day to a national treasure/man made festival to greatly promote tourism with awards for most creative dressing etc and over the years, nations of the world will travel to join the party and eventually visit other attractions. Something irresistible must surely draw them here.

In the spirit of a true Nigerian and love for my Father land, I say have a restful holiday, happy Independence day, your path will  shine brightly and long live Nigeria.





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