Tuesday 20th of October dawned like every other day and seems to be just yet another day. However for me I was a little disappointed for my little man who was looking forward to sharing a cake with his mates in school (schools were closed due to road blocks from protests)  as it is his birthday. I had to do a lot of creative explanation why he can not go to school then promised to invite next door neighbors to celebrate with him. In no time, his enthusiasm and excitement rubbed on me and I was in a mini party mood to make his day fun.

Towards evening, we still had our buddies around then someone called our attention to DJ-Switch’s live on Instagram. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the house changed, like terror, fear, hopelessness and despair was released Into the atmosphere, I was on the brink of something dark, sad and kind of laughing at the same time as it seems unreal, tummy revolting already. By this time there were 11 thousand plus people on the live video then the number kept increasing until there were about 155 thousand people. At this point we were all talking at the same time, everyone left for their house and the cake long forgotten.

Finally we were left all alone but the terror was so real, we eventually had a restless sleep in the living room safe for the children. I could not bear sleeping on a bed while our brothers and sisters were out there, fighting to live, fighting to safe a limb or arm, the sight of blood, it was unbearable. The restless nap I had on the chair was in tatters and riddled with nightmares, waking up to pray at intervals etc. up till 2 days after.

The protest was hijacked by hoodlums and sponsored thugs( the love of money is the root of all evil ) I believe and the obviously real lazy Nigerian youths. They were never a part of the protests, they are not on social media rather they are thieves and opportunists looking for chaotic situation to cash in on to go on a rampage and wanton destruction of communal properties, peoples toil and sweat. I believe in a just God who will not leave the guilty unpunished so everyone will get what they rightfully deserve in right proportions.

Source -Corruption reporter website

The Covid palliatives is even another issue that gave me serious headache and some states response feels so awkward like ”we are expecting the rice component” ! Places like Ilorin found 3 locations and God knows how many are still undiscovered in bigger urban cities . I do not support break ins, (even if it was meant for you but denied you in the first place )looting, violence and injustice of any kind but how did we even get here in the first place as honest and hardworking citizens.

On the Lekki shootings, personally there were too many fishy and unhealthy co-incidences which does not settle well in my spirit .Something is revolting and crying out on why the scanner or  CCTV or whatever they say it is  should be taken away for whatever. Lights off, a bill board never going off now chooses that day to go off because of curfew, Internet down on several networks, ambulances turned back ! I scarce can’t take it in on such spiral of co-incidences, probably the god of co-incidences was passing through town. Then press statement started flying around to Shalaye (explain) , ok I have heard but I don’t understand nor accept. The cup of injustice and oppressions is full in the land, o God of creation arise in your justice and mercy over our land until every wrong is made right and righteousness is exalted in our land.

I remember being on  radiolive interview on the 6th and was asked about security in the interview which I responded not seeing it as a major deterrent to Tourism in Nigeria. I said this based on my previous research where roads, infrastructure and adequate information was higher on the list . However, today I have only security of lives and properties on my list.

If a Nigerian does not feel secured in her fatherland, how do we attract the paying foreign visitors ? The ones that will bring foreign investments and a steady flow of visitors in the midst of so much chaos. The Hospitality. Leisure, Travel and Tourism (HLTT) industry , please brace up for the upcoming lash on our dear industry. The December influx for detty December will not be what it used to be , lets begin to prepare for innovative solutions. Rather there will probably be a long queue of white December enthusiasts, travel ticket requests etc. Also Tour operators , watch who you take on a trip so they do not abscond and taint your reputation.

On this note ,I sense deeply something has changed and moved in the spirit and physical realm for Nigeria and we will never remain the same again.

I pray for peace, comfort and consolation to everyone who has lost a child, a friend, a sibling and for honest hardworking Nigerians who have lost means of livelihood, properties and things you can not measure with any weight.

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  1. Reading this has made me realize more than ever that we need to work harder.
    What has happened is horrific and disgusting to think about, but in the midst of it all we will come out stronger, wiser and victorious.

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