Getting over flight fear

As much as most people love the magical experience of flying on a plane, a lot of others panic at the mere thought of it.

Yes, the mere thought of being on a man-made flying machine, filled with fuselage and controlled by one person is enough anxiety to make anyone panic. Flying is a very common fear among the world population.

However, air transport remains the fastest and safest means of transportation. Due to the evolution of our society, the chances of you being on a plane often is on the high side.

If you usually have a strange feeling of panic whenever aboard a plane, now is the time for you to review your emotions and let go of such feelings. These flight anxiety tips will help you to relax and enjoy your flight.

It is important to know that proven research has found air transport to be one of the safest means of transportation on the globe.  Ian Savage, a professor in economics, found that there are just 0.07 deaths per one billion passenger miles. You better believe the chances of something going wrong while you are in flight are very slim and the likeliness of dying in an aircraft accident is 1 out of 205,552 possibilities. Coming to terms with and defeating flight fear takes bravery, knowledge, and a positive mindset.

Acknowledge your phobia 

Many who have a phobia for flying already know that flying is safe, but feel it’s still scary. It’s important to identify what sparks off your fears while flying. For different people, It varies from bad flight experiences, images, thoughts, sensations, turbulence, claustrophobia, and even fear of heights. 

Knowing what triggers off your feeling of fear is always a good start for overcoming it, as you would be able to expose yourself more to these fears, rather than distance yourself from it. Soon, it would no longer be frightful but something you are used to.

Get all the education you need

           Educating yourself about air transport is very essential. It helps you reduce anxiety as you replace assumptions with verified information. Learning about the safety features on a plane and emergency procedures set aside for flight operations will give you more confidence while in flight.

Pre-flight simulator classes

These machines are plane-like models that have similar features to a real plane. An instructor will simulate different flight scenarios to help you ease your fears. You will hardly notice you are not in a real plane. People with extreme fear of flying are advised to go on flying lessons in these machines. This will help reduce nervousness while flying. There are classes available in Lagos Nigeria.


            Seeking the help of an expert can play a major role in your mental well being. A medical procedure known as cognitive behavioral therapy helps extremely anxious passengers.

Focus on other things

While in flight, paying attention to other things to push aside your phobia, works like magic. It may not be easy but it sure does the needful. You may play a game, watch a movie, listen to music or podcast, write or even sleep. These activities will help distract your mind from the fact that you are even on an aero plane.

Daydream about your destination

Think about where you are headed to, the new environment, people you will meet, or even meals you would try out when you arrive at your destination. However, if you are headed back home, focus on your home, family, and friends.


Do it more often

Facing your fears is the best-known way to conquer them. Do not cancel your flight at the last minute and rush to use the train or bus to get to your destination. Keep getting on that plane, fasten your seat belt, and hold your head up high! Exposure therapy always brings about great improvement.

Getting over any fear is never easy, it is a gradual process. However, with a positive outlook and self-effort, you will be a conqueror sooner than you expect!

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