Living in a coastline city

I have spent a few years in Lagos, the most populous city in Africa, Nigeria. A well-known city all around the world. Lagos is truly the city that never sleeps, by 4:00 AM I can already hear loud car honks outside my window, from people rushing off to work.
Some mornings I wake up asking myself why I am in this city and other mornings I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Aside from being such a famous town, Lagos is also the smallest state by landmass in the country at only 3,345 square kilometers. It also boasts of the longest bridge in Africa, which is the third mainland bridge. Lagos is located by Nigeria’s coastline, hence this vibrant city has lots of scenic beaches. Also, there are so many beach resorts to choose from and have a remarkable experience.

Resorts are far more than just a room to lodge in. It stands out from a regular hotel room as a resort has more space, entertainment, privacy, sports, recreational activities, and even shopping stores within its premises.

The city of Lagos has a number of charming beach resorts with breathtaking facilities to choose from, which is why I’m still trying to decide on which to visit this Christmas! I had to speak to a few friends to find out their experiences when they visited some popular beach resorts in Lagos.


This breathtaking beach resort is one of the most trendy resorts in Lagos. It is a tourist hotspot and is located on Inagbe Island, which is a 15 minutes boat ride from Victoria Island. I happen to know a guest who lodged here earlier this year and I learned that the staff are very welcoming, the food is okay and the environment is serene. However, she experienced insect bites, poor cellular network, and had to pay additional money for horse/boat rides on the resort.


It’s one of the most talked about resorts in Lagos, situated at Iworo/Ajido Town, Badagry. The resort has a lovely ambiance for a refreshing staycation. As stated by a visitor, “it’s quite pricy and one has to go with deep pockets to enjoy your stay. You pay for everything you want to use despite lodging there.”


This resort remains one of the top attractions in Lagos. The Jara beach resort has a blend of Nigerian cultural outlooks and modern-day designs, which makes it stand out from other Resorts. I’m told the staff are attentive, rooms are spotlessly clean, delicious meals are served and it’s the type of vacation spot, you would love to take pictures all day long.


Jaybee Beach Camp is found along Tarkwa Bay Island and proves to be a stunning vacay spot. I’ll give it a thumbs up in relation to the experience my friends had there last year, lovely, affordable, neat, and calm. The room cabins have a great beach view and more amazingly, there are cooking utensils available, so you can definitely bring foodstuff. It was also suggested going in a group would make the trip more entertaining.


The beautiful and famous La Campagne Tropicana is a well-visited resort in Lagos. It is a notable beach resort, as it proudly shows off African beauty in an extraordinary way, making it a unique getaway spot.
From visitor reports, this resort sure knows how to treat guests like royalty, welcoming you/waking/knocking with talking drums, Yoruba attires, and a special salute to top it off! Also visiting with a stash of cash or on a group tour would make it more enjoyable. There is something for everyone, lots of fun activities including bunk beds for the children.

Escaping to a beach resort for a quick holiday is one of the best decisions anyone could make. The cool ambiance, fresh atmosphere, and change of environment to the coastline can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul.

Have you visited any of these resorts before? What was it like for you?

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