Lagos Restaurants to visit on a Budget

My friend Vanessa and I sat in silence trying to count the places we had visited in Lagos in the last three months. This yielded abysmal results, but we comforted ourselves with the thought that Lagos is an expensive place to even breathe in. 

It didn’t change the fact that we were slowly becoming inept in social interactions and our outdoor lifestyle was suffering greatly, and this couldn’t be blamed on Coronavirus alone. We sat with plain sheets in front of us and our phones keyed on the Instagram page of a food blogger, Foodmap, to create a list of places to visit in Lagos with a five thousand naira budget.

O’Shey Bar & Chops

The first thing Vanessa and I agreed on was we were going to celebrate our re-entering into society with drinks, music, and generally a good time. And because drinking is more fun with company, in the nighttime, and on Fridays; it became a group outing on a Friday evening.

source: foodmap

O’Shey Bar & Chops offers a spill of cocktails, mocktails, and chops ranging from #500-#45,000 with a cool ambiance, funny wall notes, and great music to crown it all. 

With our 5k budget per head, it was more than enough to call it a successful outing back into society.

MyYa’s Cafe

Excluding the fact that I am obsessed with the word ‘Cafe’, MyYa’s Cafe was high on our visit list because it teleports you into Saturday no matter the day of the week you are in.

With waffles made straight up on your order, you get the privilege to watch the waffle iron heat up and dazzle your nose with the batter preparation. Also, choosing the toppings for your waffles has never been more exciting with the variety on the list.

A 5k budget couldn’t get you anything better or in a more cozy setting.

The Chops Factory

One undeniable fact is that a lot of Nigerians love small chops. We were on that list, so imagine a place where their forte is small chops, finger foods, and grills. It was terribly hard not to hide in the kitchen and haunt it for life.

source: the chops factory

The Chops Factory menu was as exciting as the taste with combo prices ranging from #600-#12000. A splurge could not be resisted, but one can definitely sit comfortably amongst the cute greenery and enjoy one of Nigeria’s favourite menu on a 5k budget.

So Fresh

Vanessa periodically is on some kind of fruit-based or green diet, and that is why it made sense to add a healthy meal place to the list. 


Parfaits, fresh-pressed juices, salads, sandwiches are So Fresh’s territory, and having a filling bite that doesn’t make one smile while chewing and spit it out behind in the presence of company is a feat for ‘healthy’ dishes for me.

You can definitely fill up while being healthy and still be on track with your spending budget.

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