An Indoor Christmas to remember

Saying it has been a crazy year is an understatement for the year 2020. Although we do not like to be reminded of all we can’t do, one of the realities to face is Christmas this year would be unlike any other. 

My sister grumbled when we couldn’t make it for Christmas Carol. With new restrictions taking effect in Nigeria (and in countries all over the world) to curb the second wave of the Coronavirus, Christmas Carol would definitely not be the only thing that would be missed this December.

The phrase ‘Detty December’ this year simply serves to remind us of all the ways Christmas and all other days in December would not be spent in an effervescent manner. Minimal nightlife, next to none concerts to attend, zero Christmas vibes, smaller budgets, and everything else we are slammed with in December this year has made it a very ‘Clean December’.

But, Christmas is Christmas. It is the merry season where budding hopes and dreams burst in full bloom, and we are excited over everything. It might be different this year but here are some tips to keeping the Christmas Spirit up.

  1. Christmas Lights 

When you walk down a street or drive past countless buildings drizzled with sparkling lights hanging from walls, trees, and fences; it ticks off something warm and fuzzy in the back of your mind. 

One of the great markers of Christmas is Christmas lights twinkling everywhere you look. Boost up the holiday spirit with lights wrapped around your Christmas tree, hedges outdoors, and make it a moment to remember by involving your neighbours and turning it into a fun collaborative activity.

If you don’t have a tree to decorate for Christmas, making a wall Christmas tree is equally as fun. Nothing spells Christmas like laughter over sparkles.


  1. Christmas Movies 

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas movies. Spending the Christmas indoors will be more fun when you usher it in good vibes. 

Make Christmas Eve the day the entire family gathers in their Christmas sweater or pyjamas and binge watch Christmas themed movies all evening long. Stock up on the classics like ‘Home Alone 2’, ‘Elf’ or any shared movies to revive Christmas memories for the family. 

Amp it up a notch by having ice cream and cookies or games. A simple game is to hang a Christmas hat on the television and any time a character wears the hat, you take turns doing a pre set dare.


  1. Christmas Carol

If you missed attending carol in church this December, don’t be sad. Although in Nigeria Christmas caroles doesn’t involve door to door singing, it is still a big part of the Christmas activities.

Recreate the Christmas carol experience in your home, holding lit candles and involving the entire family. Practice sessions before it is particularly exciting if you have young ones in the family.

‘Family Guy’ Christmas Carol

It’s okay for it to be off pitch, what is important is echoing the Christmas spirit as a family by singing as one.


  1. Christmas Dinner

I am and always will be for the food. There is something about Christmas rice and chicken that puts all other kinds of food to shame on Christmas day.

It is the atmosphere where you are seated on the same table with family members you haven’t seen in years that makes rekindling bonds feel magical. Make it intimate and cozy, with everyone gathered to enjoy Christmas delights with food, drinks, dessert, and a jolly good time.

Commemorate the day with pictures. We can’t have the Kardashians Christmas style cards, but it is nice to look at pictures and remember we are among the people who are making it out of 2020 alive.


  1. Christmas Gifts 

The fact that most people might spend Christmas indoors is a motivating factor to make Boxing Day a reality. 

In Nigeria, it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas and the end. I didn’t know Boxing Day is the day for unveiling Christmas presents until I was in Secondary school. This year has taught us to be grateful about the little things, and gifting is a wonderful way to make others feel loved.

Go through the motions. Create a list for Secret Santa for the family. It doesn’t have to be a big buck spender, but something that can be wrapped and kept under the tree for Boxing Day. Open up the gifts together as a family and watch as the Christmas Spirit lights up the way to New Year.

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