Christmas means adventure to me

Get your mind off the perfect Christmas expectations and explore the opportunities to create unforgettable memories! Many times I have a good number of people ask me what Christmas means to me?

As a Christian, it is definitely the time of the year when we remember the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and celebrate his coming to earth as a man. Christmas falls in a unique period of the yearly calendar, which is a few days to the new year and it makes it mean so many more things to me. It is a time for bonding, togetherness, giving, appreciation, and the best time to explore fascinating places with your loved ones and create incredible memories that would last a lifetime.

This time of the year is such a special period because there would be worldwide public holidays to mark the festive season and people everywhere around the globe would be travelling to see loved ones they haven’t seen in a while or even visit news places for vacation.

Any way you look at it, it is a time for adventure and bonding. That moment you want to try out new things and visit places you couldn’t go all year. During the Christmas holidays, I always write out a list, which I most likely would never follow because other impromptu activities may take up the day.

This year I followed my Christmas tradition of writing out a list again to plan out my holiday break and it includes:

(i) Visiting the orphanage

(ii) Family reunion dinner party

(iii) Family photo-shoot

(iv) Two nights staycation in a Lagos beach resort

(v) Christmas carol karaoke with family

(vi) Trip to a public park

(vii) Giving a gift to someone I don’t know and putting a smile on their face.

No matter the amount of fun you want to have this Christmas do not forget the reason for the season. Make it a priority to create as many sweet memories as you can.

I feel blessed and grateful to God to be able to experience such a lovely festive season every year! That remains the reason why I always make the most out of such opportunities, let go of unrealistic expectations, and make golden memories with my dear ones.

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