New Travel Resolution

The year 2020 is tapering to an end, and the best part of the New Year is coming – making New Year Resolutions. 

I love taking a marker to a calendar of the New Year my dad got for me and writing out the goals in the months I expect to have achieved them. What I like most about it all is the time it takes to reflect on what I want my year to look like and reviewing them towards the tail end of the year to mentally put together the lessons learned, percentage of pre-set goals achieved, and molding experiences I went through.

This year is all about Travel. Do you have Travel Resolutions for the coming year? If you don’t, we can go through my list together.


I love the idea of backpacking a country. The beautiful fact about it is, you have lived your entire life in a country and might not have seen half of it. 

Every country has Historical spots, sights, and sounds, or places just known for a particular thing or collective memory. Why not take the time to draft out sights you must see in your country of residence or one you have been pining to go and make it your new travel resolution.


There are so many ways to enjoy a travel experience. Hitchhiking is one of them. Try to imagine taking a trip to your travel destination with the sites along the road, delicacies on the streets during stops, and memories of your travel companion as a guide through it all.

Meeting fellow travelers is definitely a travel resolution for the year.

Boat Cruise

I have never been on any vessel that braves the water before, and that is why this is a new travel resolution.

Seventy percent of the world is water, and enough views of water lapping against water, driving waves ashore unlike the view you have for the land is intriguing enough to make a boat cruise a fun activity. Having a party on land is one thing, having a party on a rocking boat is something else.


History sometimes is underrated. Growing up, my Secondary school took us on countless excursions to museums. There is nothing more fascinating than seeing the world then with the eyes we have now, and hearing stories that make comic book heroes sound more realistic.

It is time to view the world with brand new eyes and minds in order to appreciate where we are now even more.

How it is Made

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Factories are fascinating to me. Do you know how your favourite item is made? 

If you are a car lover, pastry lover, or wine lover (whatever you love), find out if the factories they are made in allow tours in them. Collect a brochure, make a schedule, and find out how what you love most is made to appreciate it even more.

Sky Diving

Some people love the adrenaline rush, others are more hesitant. It is time to break the binds and do something outrageous, or better still, something you can recount at that gathering and sound like a badass.

Sky diving is high on my new travel resolutions because I want to see the world from the bird’s eye view while feeling like I can fly; no restraint, only the rush.

Mountain Climbing

If it is a challenge you want, mountain climbing is one thing to add to your new travel resolution for the year. And I think once in a while, one should test their strength. 

To go mountain climbing, one has to train for months, build the required strength, and still not make it to the top. But, it is the journey that counts and the knowledge that you can make it through it all is a thrilling reward. 

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