7 Visa-free Holiday Destinations for Nigerians

We never know how much beauty the world has to offer unless we set off to see for ourselves! Travel remains one of the fastest and best ways to learn more about international culture, cuisines, and history. It is also a great way to develop foreign connections, whether it’s business-related or mutual.

Do you ever want to just pick up your bags and hit the road to a foreign destination to relax and unwind, but your international passport is telling you otherwise?

To travel internationally as a Nigerian passport holder is rather challenging and has never been easy, as securing a visa to the Country of your choice is in most cases a big deal!

Nigeria has a low ranking passport that can only get you access to about 54 countries. A lot of countries require that as a Nigerian passport holder, you should have visited other countries and have a reasonable travel history before your visa application would be granted.

The back and forth, the visa hassle, the rejection at Embassies is more than enough to make about anyone frustrated.

Before you lose hope of visiting foreign destinations, here is a quick guide to Countries you do not need Visa to visit as a Nigerian passport holder.

1. Barbados

It’s a Country found in the Eastern Caribbean Islands and it’s a visa-free destination for Nigerians for up to a period of 6 months. This island is well known as the land of tropical beaches and flying fishes!

2 . Cape Verde

This country is also called the Republic of Cabo Verde, a lovely island country off the West Coast of Africa. It is gaining popularity as one of the hottest tourist spots around the globe. It is visa on arrival for Nigerians.

3. Cote D’ivoire

This tropical sub-Saharan nation is found in West Africa and it’s visa-free for Nigerians.

4. Dominican

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country noted for its clear blue waters and stunning beach resorts. It’s 21 days visa-free for Nigerians.


This West African Country is just next door to Nigeria and has lots of fascinating tourist spots. It is visa-free for Nigerians.


6. Maldives

The famous paradise islands, Maldives, made up of a chain of about 1200 islands are found in South Asia and are visa-free for Nigerians.

7. Seychelles

It is visa-free and is located in the Indian Ocean, east of the Africa Coast. This country also has arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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