7 Hacks on Packing for a Trip

There are different types of ‘trip packers’. There are ones that pack the night before their trip; the ones that have their luggage packed days before a trip, and the ones that are like me (those who somehow manage to forget their toothbrush every single time!)

Whichever category you fall into, sometimes, packing for a trip brings anxiety. You have to consider what to carry along so you don’t overpack or under pack. You worry about how all you need would fit into your box, you also stress about your important documents and last-minute details. Most times, these all rush into your head while you stare at your empty box, and it is difficult not to panic.

Breathe. Here are some hacks to turn you into a pro when it comes to packing for a trip.


  • Decide the length of your trip before you pack.

This helps because deciding the length of your trip also helps you know the most important things to pack for it. 

Of course, you are taking a trip for a reason and this already gives you an idea of the type of outfits and gadgets you need, but the length of the trip informs you on how many of the needed outfits you require to take along with you.


  •  Have a Checklist.



As absurd as this sounds, this serves as a reminder. If you are like me with the knack to forget items (like my toothbrush), or you have important affairs you need to settle before your trip, it is usually a good idea to have them written down.

You can check them off once the written items are packed, and make reference to it before you depart on your trip to make sure you aren’t leaving anything out.


  • Roll your Clothes.

Trust me on this, you save twice as much space when you roll your clothes before stacking them in your travel box than when you fold them. It is also a sure way to have less wrinkly clothes.

Another good tip is to pair your clothes before arranging them in your luggage. For instance, you intend to wear a particular shirt with a pair of jeans. Roll these clothes and put them together; that way when you are selecting an outfit to wear, you are able to pick its preferred pairing without scattering the entire rolled lot.


  • Place Heavier Items at the Bottom of your Box.

Heavy items like shoes should be packed towards the wheel section of your box, and lighter items or clothing above. This helps balance the weight of your box to avoid it toppling over at the slightest push.


  • Know Flight Policies

If you are embarking on a plane for your trip, take out time to read the flight policies. For instance, most airport securities have a standard weight for liquids you carry, and also have to clear them before you are allowed to pass. With this sort of information, you know to put liquids like hand sanitizers in a separate bag to make your check-in process easier. You also do not have to scatter your luggage you spent weeks or the night packing to fish these items out.

Simply put, proper knowledge helps save time and stress.


  • Scan copies of important documents.

You never want to lose your certificates or identification card because getting replacements for them usually takes weeks with a lot of back-and-forths. It is best to scan all important documents you need on a trip and send them as an email to yourself.

This way, you feel more secure about your essential documents.


  • Keep essential documents close.

You could have a carry-on bag or a waist pouch (fanny pack) where you keep your important documents, wallet, phone, and any other essential items when you travel. Forget about the looks of a waist pouch- actually, they are very fashionable these days. A waist pouch means that at any time, your essential documents are with you.

Nobody prays for their luggage to be stolen or missing, but if this happens, you have your valuables on your person.


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