Sand, Salt, and Healing: Why you should spend more time on the Beach.

My mother said I had been drawn to the ocean since I was a child. Over time, I met numerous people who couldn’t resist the call of the ocean like Moana; thus spent a chunk of their time on beaches for relaxation, for events, and other occasions.

For me, being on the beach so close to the ocean was therapeutic. Whenever I had a lot on my mind, had a hard week, felt stuck, or was generally overwhelmed by life, I loved to go to the beach. There is a certain level of calm and awe I derived in the presence of crashing waves, cooling salty spray of the ocean water on my skin, and loose sand underneath my bare feet. 

I wasn’t the only one that felt this way, and these are a few reasons why you should spend more time on the beach.


Did you know Ocean air has Curative Properties?

200 years ago, doctors advised patients with respiratory ailments to visit a seaside resort, and the clinical proof was given and published in 2006 as a result of Surfers’ observations in Australia. Surfers with cystic fibrosis claimed to breathe easier after surfing which prompted the experiment. 

Simply put, salty air helps to clear the lungs. Inhaling more of this also helps keep your respiratory system clean and strong, and this is why it is generally believed that people who stay by the beach are healthier.

It is no wonder why it feels like the air you breathe on the beach feels fresher.


Did you know the beach aids stress release?

You might have wondered why you suddenly seem serene anytime you go to the beach. It is because seeing the ocean and hearing the waves releases neurochemicals like serotonin in your brain. This creates the feeling of relaxation, increases the blood flow to your brain and heart, and aids in the release of stress.

It is no wonder why blue which reminds us of the colour of the ocean represents calmness.


Did you know seawater is good for your skin?

Seawater contains minerals such as magnesium which aids to amplify the skin’s elasticity, hydrates it as well which improves the general appearance. Talk about a glow-up!

It is no wonder why British elites in the 18th century thought seawater could cure all ailments even stupidity.

Did you know seawater has wound-healing properties?

I hope you never thought someone was insane when they took a dive into the ocean water because there is the added benefit of speedy healing of opens wounds the ocean provides.

Not suggesting you cut a chunk of your skin off to test this, but seawater contains mineral salts, sodium, and iodine which can be considered an antiseptic for slight wounds.

If you had been worried about missing out on a dive because of a cut, you can jump in.

Asides, the numerous health and mental benefits of being on the beach, my favourite is it is the perfect place to meditate. The rhythmic sound of the waves and ambience makes it the perfect place to have a quiet time or think about the course of actions to take.

Put our facts to the test by planning for more beach outings.


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