Lagosians March Activity Guide

Vanessa and I were making progress on having a better outdoor lifestyle like we set our minds to. So, this month, we decided to do something different to kick it up a notch. 

Vanessa and I were very competitive, and what better way to have fun than add a bit of spice to it? We came up with a guide to help in achieving a more active social and outdoorsy lifestyle for March. It was a list of activities we wanted to do, pooled together and scattered across the different weekends of the month.

The aim is to have a set of activities lined up for some weekdays and weekends, we could either separately or jointly attend to check off a March Activity Guide we created. Whoever finished off all preset activities or does the most of them by the end of March gets a gift from the loser. This is a perfect game for your group of friends to bring you closer and prompt a more active social life.

You could print out the list and check it off as you go. The list is much easier to accomplish if you reside in Lagos State, but wherever you reside, you can pick spots that are of the same function to check it off your list. 

Check back in the comment section to let us know how many activities you tick off the guide.

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