Why Opt for Group Activities?

Vanessa is the queen of social interactions. There is a Vanessa in our life; that friend that always has an occasion to attend, or is the star of any social gathering they find themselves in. As a result of this, Vanessa was the main link in my social life.

I couldn’t understand how she was so comfortable in her skin or could talk to anyone in any field without breaking into cold sweats. The thought alone gave me anxiety being that I am an introvert.

It’s simple to overcome this fear, and it can be done in the most enjoyable way possible; by opting for more group activities. Of course, visiting the beach is a pleasurable activity. You get to breathe in the fresh air with a salty tang and generally calm your mind, but it is even more exciting when you visit the beach as a group.

Take the Lagos Monday Beach Bum by TBAH as an example. Alone, you could engage in a leisure walk down the beach but other beach activities are pretty much limited. As a group, you get to enjoy group sports activities, catch sights you might have missed if you were otherwise alone with no one to point them out, share a lounge that might have been wasteful to get for just yourself, and the best part; interact with people with a different mindset and perspective from yours.

Vanessa was like a walking encyclopedia. There was almost nothing I was confident she couldn’t answer; this is because she spent a bulk of her time with people she continuously learned from on her various group outings.

Another thrilling bit is how leisure group activities stir up your self-confidence. It is easy to get lost in the fun of so much happening with so many people, you forget to hide in your head. I loved my monthly eat-out with my friends I had acquired through Vanessa.

It started as an invitation to have brunch with a group of her friends and I was given the option to invite some of mine too. With over ten people on a table, sharing work and life experiences, you find out your life is as normal as the next person’s. It becomes easy to open up and voice out your opinions; laugh to let out stress without the pressure of carrying on a conversation which you would have had to if it was a brunch for two; listen and learn from other people’s experiences, and share advice should you need to.

Of course, there are some days you need quiet time alone by yourself, but the benefits of a group outing are numerous. Why not plan for a picnic this weekend with a group of friends, and watch how the dynamics play out?


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