5 Tips to Block out Noise while Traveling

Some people can sleep through anything; generator noises, children wailing, pots banging on pans. But some people can’t. The littlest sounds irritate them, and they can’t fall asleep if someone is talking loudly near them. It is worse if the sounds wake you up mid-sleep because you are guaranteed a headache for the rest of the day. 

This makes traveling torturous. At home, the noise is easier to control than in public. But one can’t swear off traveling or venturing outside hence, the need to find alternatives to preserve sanity.


  1. Use Earplugs

It is comforting because earplugs cancel noise. It helps you sleep better, mute out distracting sounds, and avoid unwanted conversations. There’s nothing that stops a conversation on its tracks better than a person seeing your ears plugged.

The downside, however, is it becomes uncomfortable if you have to wear it for hours at a stretch. It might irritate your ears, and that is why doctors advise cleaning your earplugs before use. Also, if you sleep on your sides, it might make your nap less enjoyable.


2. Choose your Hotel room carefully

If you are booking a hotel room for your trip, the first step is to research extensively. You should book a hotel in the suburbs where it is further away from the city to avoid traffic and city sounds. 

If your hotel has already been booked for you in the noisy part of the city, try requesting a room that isn’t facing the street to reduce the intensity of sounds filtered in.


3. Insulate your Room

If you can’t help with the location of your accommodations, and you find yourself in noisier lodgings, drape thick blankets over the windows, doors, and spaces in between. The blankets serve to absorb the noise coming in.

Remember how the world seems quieter when you place a pillow over your head? This is the same thing but on a larger scale. You should also move your bed away from the noisiest part of the room.


4. Use White Noise

White noise is essentially made up of low, medium, and high-frequency sounds played together at the same intensity level. This sound is like a blanket that masks other sounds. So, if your travel lodging is noisy and you can’t get proper rest, it is a great idea to download a series of white noise recordings set in a playlist you can play out loud to aid your sleep.

The downside is when you do sleep off, it is left playing which might kill your device battery. Don’t forget to carry a power bank along, and you are golden.


5. Use Earphones

Anytime you intend to embark on a journey, have a playlist set. It could albums of your favourite artists you haven’t listened to or a collection of your favourite songs across a period of time. It is amazing how you get so focused on enjoying these sounds of your choice, you are undisturbed by external noises.

This is my favourite tip because it creates a theme song for your trip, and any time you hear songs off that trip, it serves as a reminder of your adventures.

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