How to Turn up for a Food Festival

Foodies are like different species. Apart from the obvious love for food, their courage is exhibited in their willingness to try out any dish for the experience it brings. It doesn’t matter if the person is an introvert or an extrovert; when it concerns food, a character full of enthusiasm emerges. 

Food festivals are one of the most exciting events for foodies. There is an abundance of delicacies to sample, and a plethora of like-minded people to share thoughts about taste with. It is perfect. 

This doesn’t mean if your appreciation for food is not set on the scale of overkill, you will not enjoy food festivals. Food festivals are the best places to soak up information about food and the best places to find them. You might have been pondering about the best Pizza place in your state, and you’ll hear multiple suggestions with facts to back them up at a Corn Festival. 

To get maximum pleasure out of a food festival, here are a couple of things to note:


  1. Come with a full wallet

Food festivals are all about food which means there are tons of stands with different delicacies. There are stands with more than one food item and others with just one item on the menu. 

Usually, the taste of food to be purchased at food festivals are top-notch because chefs and others who have been in the business for a long time get stands for the period of the festival.

Without a means to finance your adventure, you cannot enjoy it to the fullest. You need to sample a little bit of everything to take your taste buds on an exciting trip, and there is no telling which stands you simply have to go back for seconds.


2. Go with Company

What makes any adventure worthwhile is sharing of tales. With food festivals, tales are shared through the palate. Of course, you can tell the story of how you bumped into Tiyan Alile, but you can only scratch the surface of how that dish tasted. A person to collaborate your story makes for an intense recollection. 

Another perk of going with company is you get to cover more ground in exploring what the stands have to offer.

The best part is you can eat more. It is easier to share a bite to save funds to get other treats than single-handedly funding your food experience.


3. Go with a change of Shirt

Eight out of ten times, someone is guaranteed to spill a drink or bump into you with a dish in hand. Food festivals can be messy this way.

If you don’t mind walking around with a ketchup stain on your shirt, you are good to go; but, if you have to leave the event to further distances, you might feel uncomfortable.

A lot of people will not bat an eyelash while you walk around with a stain on your clothing at a food festival. This is because they understand this is a frequent hazard, but outside of the festival, it will definitely give you an unkempt aura.


4. Have an Open Mind

When it comes to food, nothing is set in stone; like how spicy a dish should be or what flavours are mixed. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes what you think is normal in flavour is not for others.

For instance, Yoruba people prefer their food so spicy you could cry if you aren’t used to it. That doesn’t mean they lack measurement skills. It is normal for them. 

Having an open mind creates room for added knowledge. It makes you curious about the ‘whys’ and this opens the door to more curious tales.

As a safety measure, when in doubt ask. If you perceive something you feel will not sit well with you, ask about it. And if you have food allergies, make sure to inquiry about the lack of the ingredient in anything before you purchase it.


5. Have a Laxative within reach

Some people’s stomachs are lined with steel, others are not. There are people who can eat fifteen different dishes and walk away with a belch, and others would turn green after three dishes mix up wrong in their tummies.

Food festivals are one place a variety of food is available, and one can’t always be sure of the effect of these dishes mixing up at the end of the day. To be safe, have a laxative prescribed by a doctor within reach to avoid turning a blissful experience into a disaster. 

As the Naija Corn Festival looms closer this year, foodies have marked the date on their calendar, and are ready to have an adventure like no other.

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