The rainy season in Nigeria marks the unveiling of wealth; wealth in a form unknown to many with untapped potential. Many people do not understand the value of corn, and this is because the average Nigerian comes across this staple product in its season as boiled or grilled food options. Others might know it as part of livestock by-products, and bakers are familiar with some of its products such as cornflower and corn syrup.

But, corn is much more than food for humans and livestock. Did you know that corn is the U.S primary feed grain which accounts for more than ninety-five percent of total feed grain production and use? Or that the world’s consumption of maize exceeds a hundred and sixteen million tons yearly? 

As cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information; United States, China, and Brazil are the top three maize-producing countries in the world, producing approximately 563 of the 717 million metric tons/year. If corn wasn’t so valuable, why do developed countries produce so much of it?

Corn has numerous industrial uses. Apart from an increase in Gross Domestic Product through corn exportation, its value to the internal economy is noteworthy. Corn is the main ingredient in the production of ethanol, which is a gasoline additive, and as the demand for fuel cannot be neglected in any country, it highlights the huge importance of corn to any nation.

Corn is processed into food and industrial products including sweeteners, starch, corn oil, baby food, beverage, adhesives, cosmetics, livestock by-products, industrial alcohol, and fuel ethanol. There are so many options in these categories to be explored extensively by individuals and organizations in the creation of jobs, products, and services to achieve a stable and affluent economy. 

Gold has to go through a process of intense purification for its attractive exterior to be revealed. Corn is a natural resource better than gold because with little effort and the right moves, on the right scale, it is worth more than gold with half the purification process. It is no wonder corn is known as ‘Yellow Gold’.

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