Do you recall how it felt to be a child? How it felt when the world was filled with wonder, and building castles in your mind was as exciting as weekend trips to ice cream parlours and amusement parks? Or how running wild in the rain, playing hide and seek was all you needed to keep a smile on your face?

Oftentimes, you forget your wonderful childhood experiences with the weight and responsibilities adulthood carries. With huge changes in the economy and how it affects one’s standard of living, a lot more people find it harder to cope. As a result, more of the younger generation fall into depression.

One way to reduce depression is to travel back in time to your happy childhood days. A recent study by the American Psychological Association shows that people who have fond memories of their childhood have better health, are less depressed, and have fewer chronic diseases as adults. You might expect these memories to matter less due to time, but it is the reverse.

Recalling moments of great achievements from when you were younger can boost your morale to take up larger tasks in your job you are scared to take. Or remembering times when your parents took you on treats as rewards for a job well done, oftentimes, re-energizes us when we feel low. Generally, when you think back about times of great happiness and pleasure from your childhood, the ripple effects of relief last longer.

In a world of deadlines, financial and personal pressures, our mental health should be of priority. Spend alone time meditating on your fun childhood memories to boost your ego and keep your heart younger. 

On days when you feel low, take a trip to that amusement park you loved as a child and compare and contrast the sights from the present day to those in your memory. Give yourself a treat in the first ice cream palour you ever visited with your parents and relive the moment with the same menu you had from your memories.

Mother and children enjoying, eating ice cream, sitting on the grass at the public park.

Travel back in time to keep your mind on creative ideas to make your future what you desire it to be. And when the time comes, don’t hesitate to create wonderful memories for your children so they can also travel in time when all their chips are down.

It seems like a hard world, but our hearts can remain soft and pleasing when wrapped in memories from trips back in time.

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