Sweater Weather: 5 Activities to do when it Rains

Rain unveils two kinds of people: the ones that find wonder in every raindrop, and ones that loathe all the dreary weather brings. There are many adverse effects of rain; your clothes get soaked through even with an umbrella, laundry has to stay hidden in the basket, travel flights are delayed, and the need to sleep makes workdays a chore.

On the flip side, it makes for cozy moments indoors, and the release of serotonin with the rain fosters a peaceful mind. If it is a rainy weekend, there are many activities to engage your mind to switch the gloomy day into a fun one.


  1. Get Organized

As a career person or entrepreneur, the weekdays tend to create a backlog of tasks you do not have time to do. It might suck because it seems you can’t do laundry because of the rain, but other things can take their place. Use the time indoors to organize your pantry, clean your window panes, and takedown cobwebs. Go through the motions of thorough cleaning. 

Not only will it feel rewarding when you look back at your clean space, but the background sound of rain and cool weather makes it the perfect moment to carry out this task.


2. Get Cooking

With ample time indoors, it is a good idea to coat your home with the aroma of cooked food and baked treats. This can be a practical task or a fun one. 

As a practical task, you can make soups and stews you will consume for the coming week. Store them up in airtight packs and preserve them further in the fridge or freezer. This saves the time to rustle up meals from the scratch after a long day at work. 

On a lighter note, you can experiment with recipes you have wanted to try out, or go on a whim and make a dessert with what you have in your pantry. Whatever you choose, keep the music up and keep your mind on the relaxing scent of spices.


3. Get Bookish

Rainy days are the perfect days for a cup of coffee or tea and a good book while you curl up on the sofa. Do you have books on your list you haven’t gotten around opening because of your schedule? The rainy days are days for you to engage your imagination.

With the pitter-patter of the rain, and a hot beverage stirring your insides; there is no stopping the adventure your mind is going to embark on with the help of a novel. Reading is also a great way to unwind and be apart from concerns, and this makes it a relaxing way to spend a rainy day during the weekend.


4. Get Moving

You can defy all odds and brave the outdoors. Watching the rain from a restaurant is not a bad idea. The rain slows down traffic and places that are usually crowded will have fewer people in them. This is the right moment to plan an outing to an indoor place on your outing bucket list.

Spend the day people watching, trying out new delicacies, or in a library. Embrace whatever the outdoors bring.


5. Get Watching

Rainy days can also be lazy days. Crown your lazy day with a movie marathon. Pull out the chick flicks, mellow dramas, and movies with a light theme to complement that dark weather.

Spend your day in bed living through the lives on your screen.


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