Top 5 Places for First Dates

It feels a bit daunting picking the right location for a first date. You don’t want to appear too serious or unserious; too miserly or too spendthrift. You want to have a good time yet get to know the other person too through conversations and observations.

Considering all these factors and more, you might find yourself wondering what places are perfect for first dates. Here are our five picks for a wonderful first date experience.


  1. Beaches

While some people might consider this an odd choice, the beach is one place that has almost everything if you aren’t sure where to take your date.

The soothing atmosphere created by crashing waves and salt air sets a relaxing tone for your date. You can stroll along the coastline and surround yourself with intuitive questions and anecdotes. 

Landmark Beach, Lagos

The beach also provides an array of amusement like surfing, horseback riding, Ferris wheel rides for the more sport inclined people. It is nice to place a bet on who completes a task first if you have a competitive date.

Also, there is no shortage of food and drinks at the beach. Experience more exotic flavours and have a relaxing and fun first date on the beach. Lagos has a number of beaches like Oniru, Landmark, and Lekki Leisure Lake which are wonderful spots.


2. Restaurants

The top choices are cafes, Chinese, or fancy restaurants. These places typically have private sitting areas or enclosures that give the privacy needed to have conversations without the worry of distractions like loud music or disconcerting sounds. 

If you want to focus solely on conversing, this is the best bet. Words can be tossed while you wait for your selected food of choice, and when you have nothing to say, taking a bite is the perfect excuse. 

Cactus Restaurant, Lagos

If you are a foodie or you have a foodie as a date; this is the best setting.

But, above all, there are countless conversation fillers food provides. So while you enjoy the company of your date, fortify yourself with food and shared likes.


3. Garden Parks

Parks make for a scenic and serene date and are one of the top places to have a date for nature lovers. One can spread a blanket over the grass, enjoy a picnic while you watch people on their journey through the moment.

Jhalobia Park, Lagos

The quiet environment gives ample room to have an intense conversation, and the greenery feeds the eyes. Some parks have designated game areas and food stands. In all, it is a great spot for a first date. Lagos has some nice parks like Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Jhalobia Park in Ikeja, and a host of others.


4. Cinemas

Although you would like to get to know your date, sometimes you aren’t entirely in the mood for full-on conversations. A cinema is a great option because most cinemas are located in a mall or a place with a lot of social activity. 

You can window shop, stroll around to take in the sights, or grab a bite. These activities can be interspaced with light conversations while you prepare for the main movie event.

When in doubt, pick a comedy airing. It is always nice to start off with a good laugh.


5. Amusement Parks

It might be a mix of nostalgia and adrenaline rush, but amusement parks make for a very exciting first date. 

The assortment of rides and fun activities will leave you on a high note. It is almost impossible to botch a date at the amusement park. Once filled up with fun and laughter, it is easy to pull off light conversations along the way. Omu Resort and  Trans Amusement Park in Ibadan is worth visiting and enough reason to set up a date-cation.

Omu Resort, Lagos

You would definitely want to take pictures as mementos or get souvenirs at the stores. 


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