How to Plan for a Trip Overseas

If someone asked you the country you’d love to travel to, what would your answer be? 

Though you might not be swept away by the travel frenzy, you may have a destination you’d love to visit because of its sights or cultural activities. For some people, that destination travel dream is like a fantasy; something you imagine but do not believe would happen.

Whether it is the first international trip you are planning for or the idea of it you are nurturing, here is how you successfully plan a trip overseas.


Be Precise.

It’s vague to think you want to travel to France. When your thoughts aren’t precise, it is hard to create a visual or plan for it. Instead of thinking up a trip to an entire country, be more specific. What drew your attention to France? If it is the Eiffel Tower, think ‘I would like to visit Champ de Mars in Paris’.

This gives more perspective, makes the desire more visual, and shapes what you need to put into effect.


Draw a Budget

Travel budget concept. travel money savings in a glass jar

In drawing a travel budget you need to take into factor the place and duration of the visit. It is more expensive to travel to some countries than others, so do proper research on the place of your choice.

You also need to know your mode of travel (are you backpacking, traveling via sea or plane), means of transportation within the place of choice, accommodation facilities, activities you intend to embark on, feeding plans, and miscellaneous expenses. This helps you get a breakdown of your expected daily costs and total travel cost.

Knowing the figures also helps you know how to save up for it, and when to set your trip.



There is nothing like being overprepared. It is a good thing to have at the back of your mind that you are entering new territories, and some things that are normal to you might not be where you are heading.

Make adequate research on proper documentation, credit card or bill payment platforms used and available in your destination, compare and book accommodations beforehand and after reading reviews on them, check travel policies and visa requirements, vaccination, and other medical requirements. 


Documents & Network Availability

Ensure you check your passport validity while planning for your trip. Also do not forget to make available your valid means of identification with scanned copies of all your necessary documents sent to yourself via email. This way, you can always access them.

Check and note the necessary network setup you would need. Find out if your network provider gives roaming services and if its services are available in the designated travel country. You could also make alternative means of communication available. 

International calls are expensive, ensure you have the best plan chosen for this.



The advantage of living in a more social world with applications like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others is that you get to communicate with people all over the world. There is nothing like have a local in your travel destination to show you the ropes and give relevant advice.

You might want to connect with some people before you embark on your trip.


Tour Organisations

Some people find the thought of traveling alone scary. You could look into travel agencies for available tour packages to the location you have in mind.

This is a preferred means to many because you don’t have to worry about accommodation, transportation, feeding, and company. These organizations usually have it all figured out with fun activities for the trip arranged too.


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