Beach Activities to Try Today

There is much to do on the beach than breathe the healing air or bite into savory food options. The seaside is a fun place to spend time in, and that is why many people like to take relaxing trips to the beach. 

We know a lot about the numerous benefits that come with spending time on the beach, but the next time you find yourself there, try out these activities to create a more fulfilling experience.


  • Paintball

Some beaches in Lagos, like Landmark Beach and Elegushi beach, have outfits in them where you can have a battle with paintballs. Teams covered in protective gears of different colours try to overpower each other by shooting paintball guns in a charted obstacle course. 

Paintball at Landmark Beach

The loose sand on the beach makes for softer cushions to fall, and the natural cool air from the ocean gives a more soothing feel. It’s fun with a view too!

A paintball war is an activity you should go to the beach for.


  •  Quad Bike Riding

If you have James Bond tendencies you are waiting to unleash, quad biking is an activity for you to experience on the beach. Quad bikes are ideal for less accessible roads, and the beach’s sand structure places it in this category.

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

You can feel the wind and salt spray on the skin while you rev the engine up. If you do not have experience riding a quad bike, you can also take tutorials before going on a test drive on the beach.


  • Horseback Riding

It is easy to understand how horse riding is an Olympic sport when you feel the thrill that comes with it. It’s not like driving a car or a bike, it is a different feeling of powerful muscles moving you from one location to another. If you aren’t nervous, you would have time to marvel at the strength of a horse.

Photo Credit: Lola Akinmade

Horseback riding is particularly fun on the beach because there is enough room to enjoy the ride without feeling awkward as there would be others to share this experience with you. Most beaches in Nigeria have horseback riding as one of the main attractions.


  • Beach Football

Football is one sport that seems to connect all men regardless of age while females tend to stick to sports like Volleyball. Whatever your preferred sport, the seaside is the perfect location to engage in it as a group.

The seafront breeds friends out of us all. Don’t be surprised when people you have no connection to decide to jump in the sport being played. It is all part of the beach experience.


  • Building Sandcastles

Contrary to popular belief, sandcastles are not for children alone. You wouldn’t understand how tricky it is to build a structure out of sea sand and saltwater with buckets and plastic shovels as your only tools till you try it. 

It is an activity that requires a bit of strategy and the reward pays out when you see your glorious structure standing proud and tall. Throw in added excitement by making a competition out of it, and you’ll see just how much fun one can have building castles with your knee-deep in sand.


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