5 Things you are likely to forget on a Trip

There is this feeling of sharp disappointment you get when you are hours into a trip by bus or plane ride, and remember you forgot to pack an item. Most times, those items can be replaced, but it is annoying to have two of them in the end, especially when the item you own is perfect. 

It’s okay; it happens.

The best way to avoid forgetfulness in packing properly for trips is to have a checklist for packing. In this checklist, you itemize details from the purpose of the trip to trinkets you are prone to forgetting. For every item packed, you could cross it out.

Here is a list of some of the top items you are most likely to forget to pack.

Phone Charger

iPhone and the charger

This is particularly miffing because you could have meant to pack it, but forgot it last minute before stepping outside. 

Try to ensure your device is charged the evening of your trip. This way, you can pack it beforehand instead of risking forgetting it because of a last minute power-up. 

Alternatively, if you are a frequent traveler, you might consider getting a separate charger for your travel purposes. This one can always remain in your travel box.


Toiletries for travel as accepted by airlines

This one has some of our names written all over it. Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and the likes are easy to forget. You tell yourself you just want the air to dry them up in the bathroom, and you are ten miles into your trip before you remember.

Sure hotels have travel-size collections of this, but if your skin is sensitive or you are picky about scents, you might not want to opt for this.

Frequent travelers ought to have travel-sizes reusable bottles quantities of ointments can be turned into and stored in ziploc bags to ensure they remain safely packed in your travel bags. 

Always check on the expiry dates from time to time, as it will always be in your bag.


First Aid/Medication

Fist Aid kit for travelling

This is super easy to forget, and it gets worse when you are on medications you need a prescription for.

People don’t have to tote the entire first aid kit around, but it is safe to have painkillers, antihistamine, antidiarrheal, band aid, and balms handy on travels. One never knows when you or someone else would need them.


Umbrellas that can fit into a hand bag

Forget on travels alone; this is one item almost everyone forgets to take along. Whether it’s fine weather or not, the weather forecast might not be so accurate where you are heading. Plus, the good thing about an umbrella is it can be used when it is too sunny or rainy.

You don’t need a big umbrella making packing even more of a hassle. A small foldable one is guaranteed to take up less space and serve the same function.

Hair Brush

Travel Hairbrush

Imagine  getting ready for your first day out on a travel trip when you realize you forgot your comb or hair brush.

Don’t go around looking like you got zapped by lightning so it’s best to have one stashed away in your travel bag at all times. 

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