Why you should create a Travel Scrapbook

Do you recall the excitement you felt creating a scrapbook when you were younger?

A part of what makes it beautiful is the emotions attached to the pictures and mementos creating a riot of colours on pages to make your own personal scrapbook. You flip through a page and it feels like a trip back in time complete with the thoughts and sentiments attached to that moment.

Sharing Memories

The most beautiful part is in sharing. Some of my favourite home visits include flipping through scrapbooks to find both embarrassing pictures parents always have backstories for, sentimental trinkets like laminated leaves, tickets, and the look of reminiscence pasted on faces.

A scrapbook made into an album

Imagine a trip to a new state you have mementos for like plane or bus tickets, pictures of you in tourist sites, pictures of buildings and restaurants you find interesting, all taped or collated in one place. It makes for an exciting recollection of tales with visuals to back them up.

A Fun Activity

It is also fun putting together scrapbooks whether digital or physical copies. While digital copies need a bit of editing in your skillset, it is not difficult. Physical scrapbooks, on the other hand, are avenues to show creativity. It is a shared activity family and friends can do together.

A scrapbook in form of a folder

There is a more wholesome experience in creating a scrapbook from trips made with family or friends. Each person has personal pictures and trinkets from memories created on the trip. There are also group pictures and shared moments created together that make reenacting those experiences in a scrapbook more fun.

The Perfect Gift Item

Travel scrapbooks serve as wonderful gift items. They are better than an off-the-shelf picture book especially if it is to a place the intended has on their travel bucket list.


A travel scrapbook would have pictures of places you visited on your trip that you think the intended should see when they make the trip themselves. It can also include witty fun facts you discovered about those places while you were there.

Trinkets attached to the travel books can have space for a pair to be added to it when the intended makes the trip, filling up the scrapbook with joint memories.

A Way to Escape

Travel scrapbooks serve as a reminder. We all go through tough times in life, and it is wonderful to have something to look at and remember the good times.

African woman making memories with her scrapbook album

Travel scrapbooks are perfect for this. You can flip back to dive into memories of a time that you were happy enough to make a record of it.



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