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TGIF vs Company culture

Thank God its Friday is the regular trending hash tag for the last working day of the week. Friday is the day everyone gets to relax and unwind as the parte after parte is about to begin, someones laptop is shutting down as early as possible, rallying friends and colleagues for a hangout. The ladies sometimes band together while the guys also call for a night out with the guys.

The co-operate world is not left out as most companies make it a part of their culture to organize social events on Fridays, characterized with music, food, drinks, karaoke, dancing competitions etc. Everyone gets to unwind and to be honest, some don’t know where to draw the line . Take for example an employee who is widely known for drinking to stupor at such events to the point of misbehaving. Does management and colleagues still have the same level of respect for that individual ? Or does h/she become the subject of hushed whispers in the office ? The human mind can be prejudiced and judgmental thus HR can reach out to the person saying can you please tone it down at TGIF events.

In response, h/she could become quiet , withdrawn, touchy and become anti social at a supposed company social event. Thus making it counter productive which can eventually lead to employee not motivated and this may hasten exit from the work place.

On a Friday, companies can try to find more creative ways to getting everyone amused and get social, some companies even ask employees to contribute money for Tgif ***rolling eyes. For me, a spa Friday with all the works won’t be a bad idea plus good food after, I will go home walking on air , relaxed and bet you my thoughts will be crystal clear.

Hello management and HR, a social evening is a great time for team bonding , don’t dull on this, get your thinking caps on,

Have a great Friyay !

Okada and Keke Napep ban

This should have been the title – I do not miss Keke Napep (Tricycle) but ends up being my ramblings about keke napep cos I still like bikes.

The Lagos (Nigeria) state government recently announced a ban on motorcycles popularly known as okada and tricycles known as keke Napep. The announcement was initially thought to be a rumor as past governments attempted it in 2017 but was eventually lifted and they continued operations until 1st February 2020. There has been a massive outcry from both riders and the commuters not to talk of the untold hardship upon the masses. In my interactions with people , there is a bit of mixed feelings as regards the recent development but for me ,I feel the pain of only the e-hailing bike services as a huge investment has gone into this sector and should be recouped, they also remain my trusted allies despite their lapses.

There is a love-hate relationship between myself and keke napep as a result of my experiences. I have seen emergency cases rushed to the hospital and the lady was in a coma just from a keke accident . On one occasion I had an escape, the guy was speeding recklessly and with several warnings, he refused to slow down only for the keke tyre to remove in motion while we were on top speed. Our saving grace was that no vehicle was coming from behind or in front of us and how i was able to hold tight a 6 months old baby remains a great testimony.

In the coming week , I started taking e-hailing taxis then had to start driving again which is not my favorite past-time in Lasgidi (Lagos). If you don’t drive in Lagos, you presume and assume they are the coolest inventions but if you have been in a keke or bike accident before, you will be angry and while driving they seems to be worse than bikes. Mainly because they feel like they are mates with cars since they both have a roof over their head compared to okadas. At the same time they are still dragging equality with bikes by wanting to pass through that small space like them which totally makes them neither a car nor a bike, just annoying and sometimes a pest.

Keke is cool and fun in fact they can make you arrive in style if you don’t want to take a taxi, even bridal parties have used it on their wedding day  and I have countless selfies taken in the comfort of keke napep. My all time favorite favorite keke had nice graffiti and inspirational quotes written in colourful ink, fan, Tv screen and a jar of sweet to welcome you, though it was empty that morning. Then it became a norm when “Corporate Keke Guy” started operations , these guys wore suit and tie, shirts, plus dress down Fridays with branded T-shirt. The service delivery was also commendable and it was indeed comfortable riding one as I had no reason to complain. 

Early morning Keke selfie enroute the office
Keke graffiti, a lovely sight to behold.
Corporate Keke

Now, what happens to the Co-orporate keke guy and other keke guys ? Do they migrate to other states or what plans are in the pipeline for them. And for the motorcycles, I sincerely support regulating and bringing back the e-hailing bikes as they seems like a necessity for this city called Lagos.





Falling in love

Once upon a time, I sojourned to a land unknown, to study a course stumbled into by serendipity and while studying found my voice, today the rest is history in the making. I enrolled in Tourism development as part of a double major course and found myself in a class of 5, the only female, 1 Briton, 2 Vietnamese and  lastly from Phuket.

L-R : 2 Vietnamese, Tutor, myself – Nigerian , Phuket – Thailand, Briton

They all had dreams,  plans and 2 of them had a Tourism related job back home. Class was fun and very interactive as there was no where to hide in the midst of a crowd of five. At the beginning, I had fuzzy pictures in my head of what I wanted to do with the course or greater still trying to figure out what am doing in the class .

One day, just like waking up from a deep sleep, it became crystal clear thus Travel begins at home (Project TBAH) was born and I started embracing,  my deep – rooted love for going out, follow – follow (following parents on trips, market runs, barbershop, mechanic workshop  etc)  and travelling .

Memories came flooding back of  trips I made legally and illegally all fresh and green . One day,  while still in Primary school on a PE (Physical Education) uniform wearing day.  PE uniform was dirty from school  and on getting home, refused to change it, played some more , climbed trees and part of lunch spilled on the front. Later In the evening,  Mom was speaking with my Uncle about an errand to my cousins house, before she concluded with him, I quickly went outside and sneaked into the boot of the car (see below the car type,very roomy boot ) Panel van (as we used to call it then )

Took a good position and balanced well.  He pulled out of the compound and no one noticed I was missing. Midway to my cousins, I startled my Uncle by jumping from the boot to the back seat. Luckily for us both he had a lot of shock absorber so he did not crash the car. I moved on to the front seat and chatted with him all the way oblivious of the storm brewing back home.

Back home, it was getting dark and a search party was looking for me everywhere, including under the beds. Eventually someone suggested I probably followed my Uncle but Mom was double sure I did not as she saw him drive out.  After a call to my cousins  land line phone, everyone breathe a sigh of relief as they now know my where about.

On getting back, I got the beating of my life for :

  • Going out looking this dirty !
  • Hiding in the boot and startling my Uncle : which Mom said could have caused an accident.

Did i stop doing follow follow ? No but I sure never hide in the boot ever again !