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Tips to maintain Healthy eating while traveling

 The world of travel is exciting. You get to explore new cultures in totality; food, ethics, religion, sights and so much more. And for the foodies in the house, savouring new dishes is high on the list of things to do on a trip to a new place.

But sometimes, you pause and think, how do I maintain my diet on this trip?

It is hard maintaining your weight. Often times, we toggle between kilograms of weight gain and loss, and for this reason, many people stick to a meal plan where they are careful of the kind of food they eat or calculate calories they consume. Other times, some people are on a diet that doesn’t allow certain kinds of food like gluten, meat, or dairy.

Being that eating is a big part of our daily activities for sustenance, the question of how to eat healthy while on trips is quite problematic. It depends on how long your stay is, but there are some ways you can solve this issue.

Travel with/buy Fruits

If you aren’t staying abroad for a prolonged period of time, maybe you are on a business trip, a tip is to pack some perishable foods like fruits for the trip. You can keep these fruits in the fridge typically in hotel rooms.

It sounds funny, but the fiber in most fruits would keep you full for a longer period of time, and this helps reduce the portion you eat.

Read the Label

Another tip is to check the nutritional facts of the foods you buy from the supermarket. This lets you know just how many calories you are consuming and the exact content of the food.

Mental Check

A nice mentality is the foundation of all healthy habits. 

It is important to keep your mind centered on the fact that vacations or business trips are not avenues to overindulge or skip your workout routines if you have any. 

It is the best time to take advantage of the hotel gym and work up some sweat or take a walk when sightseeing to burn off some calories.

Ask Questions

Another great tip to note in order to eat healthy while on trips is to enquire from the waiter what your meal contains if you aren’t totally clear on what the food is because of its foreign name. 

We all love to try new things, but it would be tragic to consume a fancy named food with milk as one of its ingredients when you are lactose intolerant. 

When in doubt, always ask.

Reduced Portions

And the last tip we’ll leave you with is to eat reduced portions. If you usually eat two servings, you can opt for one serving, or skip dessert. When you can’t be sure of the number of calories you consume, it is best to under eat instead of overeating.

Food vs Drinks

Every time my group of friends and I plan an outing, there is always a tug of war. When exploring a new place, is it better to go for food or for drinks?

It is a popular belief that one of the ways to explore the surprises a culture holds is through the delicacies peculiar to them; Italians have pasta prowess, Parisians are pastry masters, and Nigeria is where you go for Jollof rice. These countries have a gourmet you would love to try when you travel there, but the popular idea is to go for food.

Food does have a wide range from vegetables to meat, grains to legumes, and all are made with different spice combinations in different parts of the world. But, what about drinks? 

Drinks span from the alcoholic to the non-alcoholic variety like sodas, wines, cocktails, mocktails, herbal teas, coffee and so much more. It is amazing that many countries and cultures have drinks that are also peculiar to them and their recipes have been passed on. Some examples of these drinks are palm wine in the Philippines, eggnog in the UK, and mate in Argentina.

Many cocktails and mocktails we have in bars today have been blended into menus worldwide and it is almost impossible to tell their origins. 

So, is it better to go for food or drinks when exploring a new place?

A lot of times, the mood and the person or persons involved determine the choice. Some people are picky eaters and would not go out of their way to eat unfamiliar dishes while others love the thrill of the unknown. With picky eaters, it is usually safer to try out drinks instead. Group hangouts with a lot of interaction intended, also tend to talk over drinks. 

Sometimes, it’s the food. A lot of joy comes from trying out different flavours especially when one knows it is not something they get to try all the time.

My friends and I will always go with food over drinks and choose to chew while simultaneously trying to talk at the same time.

Naija Corn Festival 2020

We planned to host the First naija corn festival on the 4th July 2020 but Covid-19 happened.
In place of that we decided to host a CSR programme bringing corn to our community for free and we urged people to post their corn eating pictures with #naijacornfest on social media to join our e-corn party. Most people did not post the pictures directly, rather they sent them to us to post and till date ,we have some yet to make it to the gram.

Some of the pictures on Instagram tagged #naijacornfest

The 4th of July 2020 dawned as a rainy day yet my spirits refused to be down, I was optimistic and excited as getting to plan the day itself was a leap of faith .Thus the rain was no discouragement, we were ready to take it on plus God blessed us with amazing set of people who stepped out of their comfort zone to be a part of the event. Though we started later than planned we were able to touch locations within Surulere, and Kilo as our final bus- stop.

Amazing crew braving the rain to share Corn

Courtesy of the rain, we could not do as much video as we would have loved to, plus we totally forgot about the instgram live promise due to the downpour. see here with no sound  the short clip on Instagram live which would have been great content for the video but our video recorder battery had shut down by then. Below is the event re-cap.



We stopped by at some amazing peoples house like Ajala Nene and  Devee Apparels to give them corn and by this time I was soaked to my shoes , I had to beg for tea (black) to get a bit of warmth. Our final stop was Yakoyo eatery on Ogunlana for take – out hot Amala. By the time I got home, I was already sneezing and my nose was blocked. For the next 2 days, I upped my intake of Vit C to 2000gms and by the third day was as fit as a fiddle.

A big shout out to all our friends,family and people who came across the adverts and registered, to those who went out of their way to cook /buy corn that day ,we celebrate you specially. Up till the 14th of July, we were still receiving pictures with people joining from all over Nigeria, the UK and the US.

While preparing for the Corn  Festival, I met a young man who printed on the packaging used for the corn,he supported us by posting about the event and recently also celebrating this hardworking and diligent Corn seller who is his Mother.

We celebrate you hardworking Mother for all that you do.

The Corn conversation is just getting started.

Have a Corntastic day !