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The Hot-Day Guide

On a hot day it feels like the sun has a personal vendetta against you. Those days are torturous. You’d love to be outdoors, but the heat locks you in. 


It doesn’t matter if you reside in a tropic or temperate region. Sometimes, the climate is hotter than you are used to, increasing irritability and sweating; it generally puts you in an uncomfortable mood. It’s worse when it falls on the weekend or a vacation period when you ought to have time to spoil yourself outdoors.


But, like all seasons, there is a hack to make the most of a sweltering day. It starts with breaking out your bright coloured shirts and short shorts. It is also the time to grab a pair of sunglasses and a face cap while strutting through this hot-day guide.

Water Sports are IT

There are no better days for water sports than hot days. Large bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and seas heat up and cool off slower than land, which makes it cooler on hot days.


Kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding are some water sports to try out. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a veteran. It is exciting to take lessons if these facilities are close to you. That’s learning while cooling off.


Beach Days are LIT

Picture yourself lounging under a cabana with a chilled drink in your hand, while the cool salt air washes over your skin. That’s a definition of a cool time on a hot day.

The beach is one perfect place to be on a humid day. The variety of activities like horseback riding, go-cart riding, Ferris wheels, and beach volleyball, amongst others are good enough to keep you occupied. And when things get too hectic, you can recline and munch on delicacies or take a dive to cool off.


Swimming Pools are RAD

Instructor and little girl in the pool on a hot day. Phot Cred: NY Times

A fact about swimming pool centers is some offer lessons. If you aren’t a swimmer and would love to learn, the hot days are the best time to consider it. It’s like a buy one, get one free deal. You enjoy the coolness of the water while practicing swimming techniques.

Some hotels have amazing pools. Spending the weekend in a hotel gives you the luxury to read a book while kicking your feet in the pool or sunbathing next to the pool’s coolness. 


The options are extensive. Whatever you choose, know that you can always jump in and cool off.


Getting Naked is IDEAL

Sitcom FRIENDS playing Strip Poker

Playing a round of strip poker with the air conditioner blasting is not a bad idea. Of course, you wouldn’t want to try this with people you aren’t comfortable with. Raise the stakes by adding optional dares.


It is a fun activity to try out with your close friends while sipping on homemade margaritas.


Ice Cream’s real PURPOSE

Ice cream cone, essential for a hot day

Whatever you do during the sweltering days, you must have ice cream. The rush of relief you feel when it heats your tongue cannot be exaggerated.

If you do not feel like going out to get some; you can order in while watching your favourite TV shows.


Agritourism — we should all visit farms

Agritourism is tourism that involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. It of course comes from the term ‘agriculture’. This is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. (Hayley Stainton).

A further definition of agritourism by the North Carolina Agritourism Activity Liability Law states that it is: Any activity carried out on a farm or ranch that allows members of the general public, for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes, to view or enjoy rural activities, including farming, ranching, historic, cultural, harvest-your-own activities, or natural activities and attractions.
It doesn’t necessarily have to include travelling abroad. A simple visit to a petting zoo or local farm definitely counts as agritourism!

Agritourism is a type of tourism that is increasing around the world. With the increasing popularity of niche tourism, coupled with a growth in the desire to make our travels more sustainable, it is no surprise that the agritourism industry has grown significantly in the last few years.

Agritourism is a type of experiential travel. It involves doing something on your trip or holiday, and therefore experiencing the country or destination more so (and more deeply) then if you simply visited on a relaxing holiday. More specifically, agritourism involves doing something that is related in some way to agriculture.

Here are a few examples.
  1. Wine/vineyard tours
  2. Glamping/camping
  3. Quad biking
  4. Horse riding
  5. Fruit/flower picking
  6. Animal farms parks/safari parks
  7. Wwoofing
  8. Staying in a home located on a farm
  9. Farm tours
  10. Educational visits
  11. Relaxation retreats
  12. Hunting trips
  13. Rural weddings/events
  14. Farmer’s markets
  15. Corn Mazes
  16. Bird and wildlife watching
  17. Nature centers

Agritourism comes with economic benefits for travelers and for other tourism stakeholders (farmers, ranch owners and so on). Scholars argue that it is In fact necessary for the survival of some small farms. It diversifies farmers’ income streams, meaning they are able to make money outside of their regular season. When farmers offer agritourism opportunities,  surrounding areas and local communities see an increase in people visiting or passing through. This of course means an economic boost for rural areas and is an example of a positive economic impact of tourism!

Types of Agritourism

There are typically 5 types of agritourism. The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development labelled these as:

Direct-to-consumer sales
This includes farm stands and ‘pick your own’ experiences. A farm stand is, as the name suggests, somewhere you can visit to buy produce directly from a farm. A farmers’ market is similar to this. Farms also often have shops attached to them, selling produce as well as items from local crafters, makers and more. Farms also often have shops attached to them, selling produce as well as items from local crafters, makers and more. A good example is Ope Farms in Abeokuta, they attend Farmers market around Dolphin estate, Lagos Nigeria and they have retail outlets as well.

Farmers Market

Agricultural education
School trips to local farms fall under this category of agritourism. You might also, as an adult, visit a farm and enjoy a guided tour where a farmer or farm assistant explains different aspects of the farming industry to you. This would be a type of agritourism as well as a type of educational tourism, although it is just a small part of agricultural education as a whole. A great example of an operator in this space is Highsoles Farm Tours, operating as Farmtour2016 on Instagram.

In terms of agritourism as proper tourism, e.g. something which involves travelling outside of your hometown for a holiday, this category is where it starts. From family-friendly interactive farms to relaxing adult only retreats complete with hot tubs, there are various different farm stay options across the world.

WWOOF, or the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, facilitate this globally. They connect travelers with farmers, and you can have a really affordable holiday this way. As long as you’re prepared to put the work in, that is! There are farms you can work on in Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Myanmar and so many more incredible locations. We also have a great example in Abuja Nigeria – Almat Farms positions itself as a leisure and corporate getaway destination that allows you time away from all the bustling noise of the city life to relax, refresh and renew yourself.

Hunting, horseback riding, meeting donkeys on the seafront… all of these are recreational types of agritourism. Whether you go on an organised hunt in a rural location or choose to ride a horse across the desert, these are types of agritourism. Hunting doesn’t just mean animals, either; you could go truffle hunting! Horseback riding is also something that is offered worldwide as a fairly standard tourist activity. Amlat Farms in Abuja also offers equestrian services.

Horse riding at Almat Farms Abuja, Nigeria

The final type of agritourism is entertainment. Although the above categories are entertaining in themselves, this is slightly different. The entertainment category includes hay rides, which are popular in the US especially and involve a hay-lined truck or tractor ride. Corn Festivals are also popular globally with 70 years plus of history. In 2020, a tour company named Travel Begins at Home also started the “Naija Corn Festival” as an Agritourism event to celebrate the versatility of Corn, educate Nigerians about Agritourism and increase youth participation in Farming.

Advantages of Agrotourism
Agritourism is a fantastic way for farmers to diversify their income and to make some extra cash. With increasing issues such as droughts or increased competition, farmers are often susceptible to financial loss should they have a bad season. However, agritourism can be a great way to compensate for this!

Disadvantages of Agritourism
Agritourism can have its disadvantages also. Tourists visiting farmland may have negative environmental consequences– trampling the ground or by frightening/displacing local wildlife. The introduction of agritourism can also take the attention away from traditional farm work.

Over dependence on tourism is a bit problem in many parts of the world, and it is important that farm owners do not entirely abandon their traditional methods of making money… because should something happen to discourage tourists from visiting (an illness, political unrest, a natural disaster etc.) then there would be no money coming in for the farmers. And if he has abandoned his primary assignment there will be trouble as crops don’t sprout and mature overnight save for Aaron’s rod.

After all has been said and done, Agritourism has come to stay and the earlier we adopt it mainstream the better for our nation. Then we can maximize the vast land mass we have and put sustainable food security measures in place.

According to Schumacher, “I am now fully convinced that farming and tourism create synergies, where the natural beauty of the region, its cultural richness and vibrant communities can blend with farm activities, especially when a variety of farm products are grown, and the emphasis is on biointensive farming and biodiversity”. (Henry J. Schumacher 2017)

Why you should create a Travel Scrapbook

Do you recall the excitement you felt creating a scrapbook when you were younger?

A part of what makes it beautiful is the emotions attached to the pictures and mementos creating a riot of colours on pages to make your own personal scrapbook. You flip through a page and it feels like a trip back in time complete with the thoughts and sentiments attached to that moment.

Sharing Memories

The most beautiful part is in sharing. Some of my favourite home visits include flipping through scrapbooks to find both embarrassing pictures parents always have backstories for, sentimental trinkets like laminated leaves, tickets, and the look of reminiscence pasted on faces.

A scrapbook made into an album

Imagine a trip to a new state you have mementos for like plane or bus tickets, pictures of you in tourist sites, pictures of buildings and restaurants you find interesting, all taped or collated in one place. It makes for an exciting recollection of tales with visuals to back them up.

A Fun Activity

It is also fun putting together scrapbooks whether digital or physical copies. While digital copies need a bit of editing in your skillset, it is not difficult. Physical scrapbooks, on the other hand, are avenues to show creativity. It is a shared activity family and friends can do together.

A scrapbook in form of a folder

There is a more wholesome experience in creating a scrapbook from trips made with family or friends. Each person has personal pictures and trinkets from memories created on the trip. There are also group pictures and shared moments created together that make reenacting those experiences in a scrapbook more fun.

The Perfect Gift Item

Travel scrapbooks serve as wonderful gift items. They are better than an off-the-shelf picture book especially if it is to a place the intended has on their travel bucket list.


A travel scrapbook would have pictures of places you visited on your trip that you think the intended should see when they make the trip themselves. It can also include witty fun facts you discovered about those places while you were there.

Trinkets attached to the travel books can have space for a pair to be added to it when the intended makes the trip, filling up the scrapbook with joint memories.

A Way to Escape

Travel scrapbooks serve as a reminder. We all go through tough times in life, and it is wonderful to have something to look at and remember the good times.

African woman making memories with her scrapbook album

Travel scrapbooks are perfect for this. You can flip back to dive into memories of a time that you were happy enough to make a record of it.



5 Things you are likely to forget on a Trip

There is this feeling of sharp disappointment you get when you are hours into a trip by bus or plane ride, and remember you forgot to pack an item. Most times, those items can be replaced, but it is annoying to have two of them in the end, especially when the item you own is perfect. 

It’s okay; it happens.

The best way to avoid forgetfulness in packing properly for trips is to have a checklist for packing. In this checklist, you itemize details from the purpose of the trip to trinkets you are prone to forgetting. For every item packed, you could cross it out.

Here is a list of some of the top items you are most likely to forget to pack.

Phone Charger

iPhone and the charger

This is particularly miffing because you could have meant to pack it, but forgot it last minute before stepping outside. 

Try to ensure your device is charged the evening of your trip. This way, you can pack it beforehand instead of risking forgetting it because of a last minute power-up. 

Alternatively, if you are a frequent traveler, you might consider getting a separate charger for your travel purposes. This one can always remain in your travel box.


Toiletries for travel as accepted by airlines

This one has some of our names written all over it. Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and the likes are easy to forget. You tell yourself you just want the air to dry them up in the bathroom, and you are ten miles into your trip before you remember.

Sure hotels have travel-size collections of this, but if your skin is sensitive or you are picky about scents, you might not want to opt for this.

Frequent travelers ought to have travel-sizes reusable bottles quantities of ointments can be turned into and stored in ziploc bags to ensure they remain safely packed in your travel bags. 

Always check on the expiry dates from time to time, as it will always be in your bag.


First Aid/Medication

Fist Aid kit for travelling

This is super easy to forget, and it gets worse when you are on medications you need a prescription for.

People don’t have to tote the entire first aid kit around, but it is safe to have painkillers, antihistamine, antidiarrheal, band aid, and balms handy on travels. One never knows when you or someone else would need them.


Umbrellas that can fit into a hand bag

Forget on travels alone; this is one item almost everyone forgets to take along. Whether it’s fine weather or not, the weather forecast might not be so accurate where you are heading. Plus, the good thing about an umbrella is it can be used when it is too sunny or rainy.

You don’t need a big umbrella making packing even more of a hassle. A small foldable one is guaranteed to take up less space and serve the same function.

Hair Brush

Travel Hairbrush

Imagine  getting ready for your first day out on a travel trip when you realize you forgot your comb or hair brush.

Don’t go around looking like you got zapped by lightning so it’s best to have one stashed away in your travel bag at all times. 

Travel Skincare Hacks

Most times, you’ve filled your box with clothes and shoes, sat on it to force it shut, then remember you didn’t include your body lotion or other skin ointment. It is at this junction I usually shrug, and expect nature to take care of me.

But, the older you get, the more particular you are about certain things. It is never too late to start taking better care of your skin because like it or not, it is one of the first things people notice about you.

It is also important to note that varied climate change impacts your skin negatively when you travel facing elements other than what your skin might be used to.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, it is good to stick with a skin care routine. How do you ensure to stick with your routine while you travel?

Refillable Bottles are your Friends

There might not be enough space in your box to carry around your huge lotion bottle. The best option is to get small refillable plastic bottles for travel. These can be gotten as a set in local supermarkets near you, or shops that sell gift items.

You can tag them in order not to mix up your ointments and use shampoo for body lotion.

Another thing to note is to skip packing bottles that may break, like your perfume, and turn out a quantity in a refillable plastic perfume bottle.

This not only saves space and allows you room for more, it also ensures you have all your products with you anytime you travel.

Ziplock bags are Religion

There is nothing more annoying than pulling out a shirt from your travel bag and finding out compressed packing caused your lotion to squirt all over it. Not only is it a waste of a perfectly good product; you have one less clothing item.

You can never tell how your luggage would be packed, and the smartest way to avoid uncontrolled spillage of products is to seal them in ziploc bags before putting them in your luggage. This way, if it does spill, it is in a contained space.

Non-Liquids are Genius

Ever been to an airport and you have to decide between your shampoo or body wash because you have exceeded the amount of liquid quota you can carry? I know, it is a hard choice to make.

Save yourself the trouble and opt for non liquids for some of your favourite products. Some shampoo have non gel forms, and you can scout if your favourite body wash has a bar soap version. Look on the bright side, you can fit in more liquids this way.

Hyaluronic acids are Dry Skins’ Besties

Studies show that moisturizers, night creams and serums that contain hyaluronic acids better hydrate dry skin. So, if you have dry skin, you might want to check the content of your moisturizers closely.


Packing the best product for your skin type goes a long way to ensure your skin is on a constant glow.


There are tons of hacks for keeping your skin peng while you travel. Share some of your favourite in the comment section below.

Is Tarkwa Bay worth the Hype?

If you live in Lagos, lived in Lagos, or studied at the University of Lagos; there is no way you wouldn’t have heard of Tarkwa Bay.

Lagos is famous for its beaches (of course, most of the island is reclaimed land), and there are a number of them to have a group or private beach hangout . But Tarkwa Bay is one of the most talked about.

Like me, you might have stayed in Lagos for a long time, but never had the chance to visit the beach. So, it was made a destination point by a number of my friends to spend a day at.

What to Expect 

One of the most fun parts of the experience for me was the boat ride. I had never been on any waterborne vessel and it was a treat. 

There is no need for nerves. Asides from my ungraceful ascent into the boat, and squealing at the initial rocking, everything went without a hitch. 


It was miles and miles of faultless aquamarine waves that gave the feeling like you could walk on it as the boat glided through the ocean.

There were plants of different varieties floating on the surface of the ocean, interspaced with clear waters and other waterborne vessels. It was a special delight to look at the buildings from the water.

All in all, it felt like riding a bus with a marine view.

What Tarkwa Bay was like

Upon descent, we had to pay a gate fee of 300 naira before we were let in. As beaches go in Lagos, that was really cheap.

There are rows of wooden cabanas facing the beach. The lean-in chairs were the perfect touch for a beach vibe. It looked like the picture of a beach out of a book: shirtless men playing volleyball, people taking dips and pictures in the ocean, and mellow music.

The cabanas cost a thousand naira per head, so depending on the number of people taking one, the price could be split.

Photo Cred: Cassie Davies

You are allowed to take your food and drinks without question, but there are available spots to get a variety of food from chicken and chips, barbecue fish, jollof rice, and lots more. 

We brought our own food and drinks for games and chills.

Some available activities are horse riding and quad bike rides.

What I felt

Unlike other beaches I have visited in Lagos, Tarkwa Bay was quite unimpressive. The sand was more solid than the loose feel you get off other beaches in Lagos. There were a lot of seaweeds and plants on the shore that made it look quite unappealing.

It wasn’t too crowded and there was enough room to settle in; the flipside was that it made it feel like a ghost town-like there was something missing.

The waves weren’t massive which made for a less exciting watch.

But in all, the environment made for better bonding, and it was a trip I was especially glad I made with my friends, if for no other reason, for the boat trip and cruise. 

The Red Pandemic

The season of love as its fondly called by many is finally here .  Valentine’s day also known as lover’s day is just few days away. This is a day when lovers, friends or family show their affection for one another with gifts and kind messages.

As a popular event all over the world, the month of February rolls in with flashes of the colour red . It floods everywhere, from our television screens, to shops, restaurants, social media ,work places and even our schools are not spared.

Over the years, the widespread use of the colour red has become synonymous with valentines day, but why red? What is really the significance of colour red to Valentine’s day? Red flowers, Red dresses, red love notes, chocolates wrapped in red and even red teddy bears. Almost like an outbreak of a red  pandemic that everyone catches.

The red theme for Valentine’s day has a lot to do with history and traditional beliefs from long ago. In the world of today, the colour red represents passion, love, romance, anger and  danger. Apart from the romantic attributes of colour red, it is also used as warning signs to show danger, for instance on traffic signs or fire fighting equipment.


When we picture Valentine’s day, the first colour that comes to our mind is  red . Now let’s picture where that ideology came from. There are many concepts as to why colour red symbolizes love and passion and few of them include:

The Ancient Greek and Roman  myth

The goddess of love Aphrodite falling in love with a mortal man named Adonis. Eventually as Adonis was about to die, the goddess of love Aphrodite rushed towards him while accidentally stepping on the thorns of a white rose. Hence blood staining the white rose to turn completely red, making it unique and the first red rose to exist. In this concept red blood and red rose is symbolizing love.

Valentine’s day also dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, when there was a particular festival to celebrate family fertility called  the Lupercalia festival. During this festival, blood from sacrificed animals were touched on the women to increase their fertility. This ritual was part of the roman tradition and was celebrated on every February 15th but was moved to February 14th in the 5th century by pope Gelasius I and renamed St. Valentine’s day. Scholars believe this explains the red colour of blood used during the sacrifice contributed to the popular connection of Valentine’s day and the colour red.

The Roman Priest

St Valentine was a Roman priest who believed in love and secretly wedded young Christian couples in the church. This was against the will of Emperor Claudias who felt unmarried soldiers fought better on the battlefield . He banned marriage among young people. Saint Valentine was executed on 14th February for refusing to denounce Christ and his christian faith. Thus the day is beloved to be celebrated to honor his memory.

The Human Anatomy 

The red colour in connection to Valentine’s day is simply related to love and the colour of blood and the human heart. This is why some Countries around the world including India and China encourage their brides to wear the colour red on their wedding day. Red remains a colour that stirs up excitement and communicates a feeling of desire. The colour red represents the blood and beating heart in our bodies, symbolizing pure affection and true love.

Valentine on a Budget

The time of the month is approaching: the one lovebirds have marked and started anticipating since Mid-January.

The time of the month puts us in our best behaviors so the surprise that comes on that day is not a lack of surprise. The time of the month that isn’t a holiday, but might as well be with the fervor of energy it brings. Of course, we are talking about Valentine’s Day – the season of love.

Every year, it seems like a war is waged where packages, getaways, dinners, and gift items for Valentine’s compete to see which will be the most highly-priced. Recently, it feels like the day has become a project one has to save up for months to achieve.

But, no more! Love is meant to be expressed, and there are many budget-friendly ways to echo the words your heart feels to your loved ones, be it a significant other, close friend, or family member. 


Breakfast in Bed

You don’t have to be a participant in Top Chef to pull this off. Breakfast is one of the easiest meals to make. You just have to get creative with it and make splashes of red in all you do.

Heart-shaped pancakes, strawberry dips, red wine, store-bought muffins, and a love note is a step in the right direction. 

To make it more heartfelt, it would not be a bad idea to time it with your loved one’s wake-up routine. You can sneak back to bed, and watch their reaction when they see the spread waiting for them.


Picnic on the Beach

Recommendation: For a more romantic setup, the most preferred time is late in the evening when the glow of the tealights or candles is able to cast that haze of softness over everything.

Grab a blanket, with a spread full of your favourite dishes, and feel the salt air weave over your skin while you clink wine glasses.

The beach is the perfect location but you could use your backyard, or somewhere you have favourite memories in.


Dinner Date

This has to make the list. Although some dinner dates can be expensive, there are some affordable restaurants if you do the research and make reservations beforehand. 

It doesn’t have to be a Valentine-themed dinner reservation. It is, however, the perfect excuse to dress up. Wherever you choose, you get to nurture the first date feelings while you pick outfits specially for your loved one.

You can also recreate the experience at home. But make sure to dress up for it, and keep dinner lights dim to make a romantic atmosphere. 


Shows and Concerts

Some artists have shows, album listens, and mini-concerts curated for Valentine’s Day. It is even better when it is an artist you both love, or has a number of love songs you can hum together while you revel in the moment.

In Nigeria, John Drille, who is famed for love songs, has an album listening for Valentine’s. 


Personalized Gifts

You don’t have to break the bank to get gifts for your loved ones. It is the thought that counts. 

Pay more attention, and pick up hints for what he/she really loves or has wanted to get for a while; have it engraved with their initials, or simply put a smile on their face by handing it to them. Personalized gifts make for a more appreciated gift item.


Group Activities 

The more, the merrier…and cheaper. Many restaurants or spots offer discounts for groups. You could plan a group wine tasting, paint and sip, picnic, karaoke, and many more. The list of activities to choose from is endless.

To make it fun, everyone can invite their significant other or close friend. This keeps the number even and vibes positive. With this, it doesn’t matter where you go, you are sure to have a fun experience at a discounted rate.

It is the feeling you need to express. We show love every day, and in many ways, but take this time out this year. Tuck your kids in bed early, pamper yourself at the spa, bake something to be shared. Enjoy the season of love.


If you watched wrestling in the 90’s

Growing up in the 90’s, the means of entertainment were very limited. Then the watching of VHS wrestling tapes presented itself. We took it , but I was not prepared for the terror felt at the mere sight of the Undertaker ! He dared to come to the boxing ring with a coffin and woe be the Man that ends up in it after a match. The ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan were the positive vibes guy and their entrance got me out of my seat jumping like a kid in a candy store.

Here is a list of some well known names from back then, most of them have long left the ring , some long dead. However you can still read a bit about them and see what they look like  years after the  game.

The Undertaker

Mark William Calaway made waves in the wrestling world under the name the Undertaker. He continues to compete in matches every now and then as a free agent. In the past, he won 17 titles and had been one of the most feared people in the industry. Wrestling aside, he has also gone into real estate! At the moment, he and his wife get to work with animals through the fund that they set up for this passion.


You might not recognize the name Glenn Thomas Jacobs, but you probably know Kane. Well, he is one of the most popular wrestlers in history. Did you know that he has also been an actor, politician, and businessman? He starred in See No Evil, which is a great place to watch him as an actor. In 2018, he also entered politics and won the mayoral seat of Knox County in the same year.

The Rock

See his beautiful smile, and dude has still not lost it, especially when he acts in a comedy. We are sure that you are familiar with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You do not even have to be a fan of wrestling to know who he is! His acting career has even eclipsed his time in the ring. Times magazine once called him one of the most influential people in the world. Aside from being talented and good-looking, he is also charitable. He even started a foundation that helps children with terminal illnesses.

Hulk Hogan

You might also know Hulk Hogan even if you are not the biggest wrestling fan. Born Terre Gene Bollea, he has left a legacy on the industry. Outside of it, he has also worked as a TV personality, entrepreneur, musician, and actor. It is impressive to see how much he has achieved! Did you know that he has his own nutritional website and energy drink? In 2007, he hit a rough patch while going through a pasdivorce and losing nearly everything he owns. We are glad that he has managed to bounce back from then.

The Ultimate Warrior

James Brian Hellwig, who went by the name the Ultimate Warrior or Dingo Warrior, was adored by his fans. He loved wrestling so much that he legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993! There was a time when people claimed that he has passed away and was being impersonated by a different fighter. However, the truth was that he passed away from a heart attack at the age of 54 in 2014.

Macho Man

We do not think that it is possible to be unfamiliar with Macho Man Randy Savage! He enjoyed a career that went on for more than 32 years. He has also claimed 29 world titles. In the past, he has appeared in Baywatch, Spider-Man, and Ready to Rumble. In 2011, he died while on the road. People eventually found out that he had a heart condition, which led to his death


Back in the ‘90s, Joan Marie Laurer made it big under the ring name Chyna. She was the first popular female wrestler! She deserves credit for paving the way for other women in the industry. The talented wrestler deserved the accolades and awards that she has received in the past. Apart from wrestling, she also started writing and released an autobiography. In 2016, however, she died after a drug overdose. RIP.

The Coach

Jonathan Coachman, also known as the Coach, no longer appears inside the ring, but he is still active in the industry.  Once a fine Man, now a finer man , black don’t crack. This time, he serves as the color commentator of the Raw brand. In 2018, he resigned from WWE and has made fans wonder whether he will return. He is now happily married and has two kids.


Next, we have the first Samoan wrestler! Rodney Agatupa Anoa’i is better known as Yokozuna among wrestling fans. Did you know that he was the only one of Samoan descent to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship? In 2000, his dead body was discovered in his hotel room after a tour at the age of 34. His cause of death was thought to be a heart attack, but it was pulmonary edema.


Jacqueline DeLois Moore a wrestler, but she is a wrestling manager as well.  She is not only beautiful but among the only  three women to bag the Cruiserweight Championship, and she is one of them. Over the years, she has worked in movies, video games, and TV shows. She was a trainer in an MTV series called Tough Times. We are blown away when we realized that she is now in her 60s and still looks like that.

Shawn Michaels

Born Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, Shawn Michaels is a champion wrestler who is a familiar face on TV. Aside from acting, he also worked as a TV presenter! He is the main ambassador of WWE and the host of Shawn Michaels’ River Adventures. Over the years, he has been married twice! The most recent one would be his marriage to Rebecca. The two of them tied the knot in 1999 and have two kids.

You need a Workation

There was once a world where people had to go to work every single day. In this world, you spend your regular 9-5 work hours in a building staring at monochrome walls, laptops, and sipping coffee off mugs dedicated to working hours.

Imagine telling your kids this post COVID, and all it has turned the work system into. They probably won’t be able to picture it. You probably would have a hard time recalling it too.

The COVID outbreak showed that many office tasks could be carried out outside the workstation. This also brought to the awareness that a lot of operational costs could be shaved off by having your staff work from home. On one end, it is brilliant. The company saves more and the staff gets the option of avoiding tedious traffic systems by doing what they would have otherwise done in the office from home. Many organizations stuck to this routine, while some revived a hybrid structure where some days are spent working from the office, and other days from home.

The flipside, however, is in the peak of the outbreak, working from home became suffocating. It is different when your hours are spent amidst colleagues with a collection of daily tales and trends, but at home, it is you and yourself for company. That got old really fast.

Being that productivity is largely connected to mental wellness, one of the best ways to revamp your mental state of mind even while working is by going on workations. Office workers bought into the idea rapidly. 

Workations are a merge of work and vacations. It is carrying out tasks you would have done from the office in places of leisure. 

This takes a considerable amount of planning, and hotels, cafes, and resorts also put structures in place to aid the idea. For instance, some hotels offer check-ins as early as 8 am and check-outs as late as 6 pm; the work hours duration. 

Some resorts have workation packages at affordable costs. You can take spa breaks, or take a walk on lush grounds to stretch your legs, and get your creative juices flowing before going back to work.

Some cafes have isolated booths that allow seamless working in a quiet and cozy ambiance. 

Some travel organizations curate workation packages that allow you to network, have fun and get work done with all the necessary work facilities needed outside of the work environment. You can speak to us to TBAH to organize one for you .

All these packages and provisions ensure that one can avoid the monotony that comes with working from home, and also make work a pleasurable activity. And as a person, you only need to pack lightly, plan ahead to revel in all the wonders the experience of a workation provides.