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How to lighten your suitcase when travelling


The holiday season is upon us and somewhere right now, some how,  many of us have our empty luggages waiting to be filled up and carried off to that amazing Christmas destination!

If you are a chronic over packer like most people out there, you would be thinking of what to put in or not put into your suitcase to avoid making it unnecessarily heavy and full of items you don’t actually need for your trip. Relax over packers, you’re also covered!

To begin with, being at the airport with an over-weight suitcase heavier than an elephant is an annoying and costly experience, especially when you’ve tried your very best not to over pack. Airlines have a baggage allowance policy for each passenger and exceeding the baggage allowance costs extra money.

Here are some tricks to help you organise your luggage with just what you would need for your next trip and still stick to the allowed baggage policy.


1)      Forget about the just incase outfits : Many travellers, both female and male, usually have this urge to put in extra outfits in their suitcases for the unexpected occasions that may turn up. This particular packing habit needs to be dropped as you will most likely pack up a lot of clothes you do not need and most likely will not even wear during your trip.

2)      Arrange your travel wardrobe: Before heading out on a trip, research on how the weather will be in your intended destination and also the most likely events or spots you would visit. This will help you plan out what type of outfits to pack up for your trip and keep away the unneeded items.

3)      Always include neutral outfits: These are outfits that have basic colours that practically goes with and looks good on any other colour. Black, grey, nude, white etc. This is reasonable, because it frees up the space of packing up 6 or 7 different outfits, when one neutral outfit could be packed and rhyme with every outfit you pair it with!

4)      Pack less shoes: This won’t be easy, especially for the ladies but packing less shoes is important. Apart from the fact that shoes have a lot of weight, you definitely won’t be needing so many pairs. Two to three pairs of shoe should serve for your trip, hence you need to plan what shoes would go better with your already selected outfits. Anne McAlpin, a packing expert, says “people often over pack shoes, but setting a maximum of three pairs will help you pare down your wardrobe and avoid over packing.”

5)      Use packing cubes: Using compression cubes or bags are becoming more popular with travellers. Compression technology is so vital to travel as it will assist to keep you organised and also save up space in your bag.

6)      Don’t be a last minute packer: A lot of people are guilty of this, packing just a night before your trip can be crucial and chaotic. Asides from packing a lot of item you do not need, you may also forget a lot of item you actually need and end up with a pretty heavy luggage.


Baecation: 4 Resorts to Visit in Nigeria

At some point, you’ve pictured yourself rolling out of bed with the warm glow of sunlight against your skin, waking up to the sound of breakfast being served to you. This sounds even better when you share this experience with a loved one. 

Baecations are one of the ways couples reignite their bond. By spending time exclusively away from the world and all the care it brings, couples tend to forge a more intense connection with each other. You engage in shared likes both for fun and reconnecting. It is an activity that couples are advised to engage in periodically.

So, you want to take a Baecation, and you don’t know where to go. Read on to find our top recommended spots in Nigeria.


La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort (Lagos State)

When you think of a beachside African-themed resort with an abundance of activities to keep you and your significant other occupied, think of La Campagne Tropicana in Lagos State. 

La Campagne Tropicana invites you to ‘experience African luxury’ and boasts of comfortable lodgings with a variety of amenities alongside numerous side attractions couples can engage in. Some of the attractions include boat cruising, jet skiing, kayaking, horse riding, bicycle riding, kids attractions, and many more.

It further offers packages like the honeymoon package and daycation. In all, this is a place you can not only relax in splendor but grease your elbows as you bask in the healthy glow of growing romance. 


Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort (Uyo State)

Lagos isn’t the only State with star attractions, and when it comes to being in the right spot for a Baecation, Akwa Ibom has something exciting to offer.

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort is a haven for golf lovers with an 18-hole golf course set amidst lush palm forest vegetation. When it comes to serenity and opulence, the 174 hectares of beautifully groomed land has it on point.

Besides ambiance and golfing options, Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort has a restaurant, cafe, and bar which provides several options to have lots of food-filled dates and quiet time for rekindling conversations.

One unique feature of this resort is its Piano Bar to bring a lot of classy to your night. 


Zuma Rock Resort (Abuja, FCT)

Abuja is not the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria without reason, and Zuma Rock Resort proves this point. It turns a notable attraction into comfort at its peak with its meeting rooms and learning center set in the midst of the humongous view of Zuma Rock.


The Zuma Rock Resort has prime lodgings set with superb amenities and other side attractions. One can apply for a Golf Membership to take advantage of its extensive provisions and 18-hole golf course. 

The view makes hiking, bicycle riding, and horseback riding to enjoy the scenic views a welcome idea. Quiet dinners can be had at the restaurant while reveling in the wonders of nature.


Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River)

Popularly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, this resort is located in the heart of the tropical forest in Cross River. It remains one of the most popular resorts with good reason. There are ample side attractions and things to do, you’ll barely have time to catch your breath.

The view is amazing. It is a mix of lush vegetation which the forest brings, and the ruggedness that the mountains contribute. Obudu Mountain Resort alongside its lodgings and other services (pick up and drop off services, gym, and spa provisions), the sites to see are numerous. 

Couples can decide to go on the canopy walk, view the Resort’s exotic provisions via a cable car ride, or visit the nature reserve and tree nursery. The Resort has a Grotto with a beautiful waterfall. 

It is sight upon more sights at the Obudu Mountain Resort, and it takes the experience to feel it all.

Of course, there are other resorts to have a Baecation in. Which sorts have you been to, and which is your favourite?

Beach Activities to Try Today

There is much to do on the beach than breathe the healing air or bite into savory food options. The seaside is a fun place to spend time in, and that is why many people like to take relaxing trips to the beach. 

We know a lot about the numerous benefits that come with spending time on the beach, but the next time you find yourself there, try out these activities to create a more fulfilling experience.


  • Paintball

Some beaches in Lagos, like Landmark Beach and Elegushi beach, have outfits in them where you can have a battle with paintballs. Teams covered in protective gears of different colours try to overpower each other by shooting paintball guns in a charted obstacle course. 

Paintball at Landmark Beach

The loose sand on the beach makes for softer cushions to fall, and the natural cool air from the ocean gives a more soothing feel. It’s fun with a view too!

A paintball war is an activity you should go to the beach for.


  •  Quad Bike Riding

If you have James Bond tendencies you are waiting to unleash, quad biking is an activity for you to experience on the beach. Quad bikes are ideal for less accessible roads, and the beach’s sand structure places it in this category.

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

You can feel the wind and salt spray on the skin while you rev the engine up. If you do not have experience riding a quad bike, you can also take tutorials before going on a test drive on the beach.


  • Horseback Riding

It is easy to understand how horse riding is an Olympic sport when you feel the thrill that comes with it. It’s not like driving a car or a bike, it is a different feeling of powerful muscles moving you from one location to another. If you aren’t nervous, you would have time to marvel at the strength of a horse.

Photo Credit: Lola Akinmade

Horseback riding is particularly fun on the beach because there is enough room to enjoy the ride without feeling awkward as there would be others to share this experience with you. Most beaches in Nigeria have horseback riding as one of the main attractions.


  • Beach Football

Football is one sport that seems to connect all men regardless of age while females tend to stick to sports like Volleyball. Whatever your preferred sport, the seaside is the perfect location to engage in it as a group.

The seafront breeds friends out of us all. Don’t be surprised when people you have no connection to decide to jump in the sport being played. It is all part of the beach experience.


  • Building Sandcastles

Contrary to popular belief, sandcastles are not for children alone. You wouldn’t understand how tricky it is to build a structure out of sea sand and saltwater with buckets and plastic shovels as your only tools till you try it. 

It is an activity that requires a bit of strategy and the reward pays out when you see your glorious structure standing proud and tall. Throw in added excitement by making a competition out of it, and you’ll see just how much fun one can have building castles with your knee-deep in sand.


Top 5 Places for First Dates

It feels a bit daunting picking the right location for a first date. You don’t want to appear too serious or unserious; too miserly or too spendthrift. You want to have a good time yet get to know the other person too through conversations and observations.

Considering all these factors and more, you might find yourself wondering what places are perfect for first dates. Here are our five picks for a wonderful first date experience.


  1. Beaches

While some people might consider this an odd choice, the beach is one place that has almost everything if you aren’t sure where to take your date.

The soothing atmosphere created by crashing waves and salt air sets a relaxing tone for your date. You can stroll along the coastline and surround yourself with intuitive questions and anecdotes. 

Landmark Beach, Lagos

The beach also provides an array of amusement like surfing, horseback riding, Ferris wheel rides for the more sport inclined people. It is nice to place a bet on who completes a task first if you have a competitive date.

Also, there is no shortage of food and drinks at the beach. Experience more exotic flavours and have a relaxing and fun first date on the beach. Lagos has a number of beaches like Oniru, Landmark, and Lekki Leisure Lake which are wonderful spots.


2. Restaurants

The top choices are cafes, Chinese, or fancy restaurants. These places typically have private sitting areas or enclosures that give the privacy needed to have conversations without the worry of distractions like loud music or disconcerting sounds. 

If you want to focus solely on conversing, this is the best bet. Words can be tossed while you wait for your selected food of choice, and when you have nothing to say, taking a bite is the perfect excuse. 

Cactus Restaurant, Lagos

If you are a foodie or you have a foodie as a date; this is the best setting.

But, above all, there are countless conversation fillers food provides. So while you enjoy the company of your date, fortify yourself with food and shared likes.


3. Garden Parks

Parks make for a scenic and serene date and are one of the top places to have a date for nature lovers. One can spread a blanket over the grass, enjoy a picnic while you watch people on their journey through the moment.

Jhalobia Park, Lagos

The quiet environment gives ample room to have an intense conversation, and the greenery feeds the eyes. Some parks have designated game areas and food stands. In all, it is a great spot for a first date. Lagos has some nice parks like Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Jhalobia Park in Ikeja, and a host of others.


4. Cinemas

Although you would like to get to know your date, sometimes you aren’t entirely in the mood for full-on conversations. A cinema is a great option because most cinemas are located in a mall or a place with a lot of social activity. 

You can window shop, stroll around to take in the sights, or grab a bite. These activities can be interspaced with light conversations while you prepare for the main movie event.

When in doubt, pick a comedy airing. It is always nice to start off with a good laugh.


5. Amusement Parks

It might be a mix of nostalgia and adrenaline rush, but amusement parks make for a very exciting first date. 

The assortment of rides and fun activities will leave you on a high note. It is almost impossible to botch a date at the amusement park. Once filled up with fun and laughter, it is easy to pull off light conversations along the way. Omu Resort and  Trans Amusement Park in Ibadan is worth visiting and enough reason to set up a date-cation.

Omu Resort, Lagos

You would definitely want to take pictures as mementos or get souvenirs at the stores. 


Time Travel

I like to believe that someday when we are older, we have wonderful memories to look back on. That the tall tales we will tell would hold happier emotions than melancholic ones.

The best way we record our steps, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations is through the things we do and places we have been to. That way, you can walk down the street and reminisce that there was a corner shop that sold the most revolutionary ice cream; better than the sickly syrup claimed to be ice cream these days.

You can see the waves lapping up the beach and recall other hot days with still winds where your skin felt like it was burning off, and cooling down at the same time in the salt air.

You can see a child smile and remember how long holidays were spent riding bicycles and skinning knees.

You can recall many hours merged into one lump where you thought the song of the day was the best thing since jollof rice; and how you swore you would hear no better album only to break that promise with the next album.

You can have a record of your youth.

The passing of time like change is constant. And in a world where each day seems to look bleaker than the last, it is easy to grow up fast, to shoulder so much responsibility you feel weighed down by it. But we must remember that every moment is the first for us, and we are all traveling through time differently, but together.

So, while we grow older by the minute, let’s create tales we bore our future generation with because they can’t relate to them. Let’s bond with our buddies we travel through time with because really ‘these young ones cannot understand what it was like during COVID’.

Travel if you can, when you can. Laugh when you find the littlest things funny. Dance in the rain. Spend time with your loved ones. Stay up all night, and sleep all day. Eat whatever you crave. Make wishes on falling stars. Live boldly, or quietly if you want. Be thankful for every moment.

Record your youth in words and songs and declarations and silences. Record it. It is yours.


Hotels VS Airbnbs

Last week, a couple of my friends wanted to visit. They were coming from out of town and my current accommodations could not contain them all. The debate began; will they rent a hotel for the duration of their stay, or an Airbnb?

The confidence one has in Motels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Airbnb and other forms of accommodations lie in the comfort it brings. You have the assurance your belongings are safe, and you can get a good night’s rest in a conducive environment with modern facilities. 

The question, sometimes, is which type o accommodation best suits your needs. For situations like this, what aids your final decision is the duration and purpose of your stay.


What is the purpose of your visit?

My friends were visiting for leisure purposes which meant they didn’t really need to be confined to a specific area. Although it would be nice for me to easily access them, it wouldn’t have made a difference if I couldn’t.

For scenarios where you travel for work purposes, it is wise to pick accommodations close to locations your meeting is scheduled for, and most times that means a hotel. 

Hotels are easier to find than Airbnbs, and you have the option to pick from the numerous selection for one that has facilities and services that best suit your need. This service can include laundry which gives the avenue to launder your work outfits without having to leave your hotel; turndown services, etc.


What is the duration of your visit?

My friends intended to stay for about three weeks. When putting this into factor alongside their number -it was a situation that looked like my entire village was coming to visit- it was prudent to go for an Airbnb.

Airbnb gives the impression of being in your own home. They are fully furnished apartments you can rent for a period. Unlike Bed & Breakfasts, you can go the duration of your stay at an Airbnb without seeing the manager or any interference. This means you have to get groceries yourself.

Also, most Airbnbs do not have limitations on the number of people that can reside in them per time, unlike a hotel.

My friends went with the option of renting an Airbnb. Having considered the purpose of their visit and its duration, it was a smarter decision for each of them to pool funds they would have spent in a hotel to rent an Airbnb which they would share together. After all, the more the merrier.


Fun Activities to do with Company

A popular Taylor Swift lyric goes ‘Shake it off.’ It gets boring when you sit at home all alone or go for engagements by yourself. It is common knowledge that when it comes to activities, the more people engaged in it, the more fun it is. 

It’s time to shake it off and plan activities with a friend this weekend. Here are some suggestions you should try:


  1. Go for Free Events in your Area

Everyone likes the sound of free things. It makes sense to explore your area via the free events taking place in them. Sometimes, you have the urge to leave your house, but at the same time, you have no idea where you would like to go. Why not explore events in your area? You don’t have to go too far out of your comfort zone to have fun. Make it a date with a friend; that way, you have a person you know in the chosen location. Sites like Midst let you see events happening close to you. Choose one and make plans for it with the company.

See a Stage Play.

Going to the cinema is commonplace. You need to switch things up. The energy of live plays is different from the energy of movies viewed in cinemas. Therefore, you should create an electric experience by booking a stage play with a friend.

It pays to go with a friend for stage plays because you have easy access to someone who can point out props and stage thrills you might miss if you go alone. Best of all, you won’t feel out of place with a familiar face. Places like Terra Kulture in Lagos State have preset stage plays.


3. Take Photographs.

When last did you update your gallery content? Something about having a hypeman that goes overboard with the positions when snapping pictures gives it a different vibe. 

Other than this, it is fun to plan outfits and get a nice haircut for picture purposes. You don’t need to book a photography studio appointment for this; your camera and buddy are your best friends for this activity.


4. Have a Tennis Match.

Get sporty, and burn some calories. Table tennis or lawn tennis are great paired sports activities. So, pick a day on the weekend, preferably in the morning when the sun isn’t so grueling, and head out to the local stadium. Chances are you will find other sports to engage in with your friend to complete your fitness morning.

Also, engaging in sports activities is a good way to build a better bond.


5. Bake Cupcakes.

Cupcakes are one of the easiest desserts to bake with items you can always find in your pantry. In addition to the ease of baking this item, it is an excellent team activity. There is excitement in whisking batter while coming up with creative ways to tweak the recipe with your individual preferences.

Above all, it ends with yummy results you can enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.


6. Host a Game Night.

There are numerous ways to unwind from stress with the perk of a fun, bonding experience. Game nights are one of these ways. Hosting a game night is incredibly easy. All you need are your group of friends or a friend, pre-planned game sets, and refreshments. Your friends can also come along with refreshments you assign to them as the host.


7. Have a Beach Day.

Breathing the healing salt air by the beach is a good tagalong activity. Have a friend over and plan your day at the beach. Spend the day refreshing your mind and reminiscing on your glory days. You will find your body and mind are in better condition after this.


8. Have a Breakfast Date.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How you spend your morning hours usually sets the tone for the day. Meet a friend for a light breakfast. While you watch the day unfold in a restaurant or cafe, have a meal to prepare your mind for the day.

Breakfast date is also a good avenue to catch up and plan consequent activities for the month.


9. Go Dancing.

You don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy dancing. Dancing is an enjoyable activity made even better with a friend. You have a partner to show off or put you through steps. 

You can both sign up for beginners salsa classes, and learn the hoops together, or spend some time at a club shaking off the excess energy to the beat.


10. Play Video Games.

Multiplayer video games incite your competitive side. It is also a fun activity to engage in with a friend without leaving the comfort of your home. To kick the competition a notch, the best of a set number of games has to do an agreed task for the other. It shouldn’t be anything embarrassing, but exciting enough to inspire added effort.

How to Create your Travel Story

Have you had a moment where this thought crossed your mind, ‘What is my travel story?’ 

Some people find it difficult to articulate where they want to go and think they are unadventurous or lack the passion for traveling. On the other hand, people who are introverts by nature feel this way because they love being indoors or in their comfort zone. Consequently, when others share stories of places they have been and what they have done, you feel left out. 

The truth remains that we all have travel stories. We have places we have been to and lived in that others long to visit; places we’ve been to that others have experienced differently. More importantly, we have many pages to add to our travel story with every breath we take. 

The trick to creating fulfilling travel experiences is not by traveling to places everyone talks about; it is about being in places that speak to your soul. Moments like these are worth the days spent squirreling away funds to experience.  

The easiest way to create your perfect travel story is by delving into the things that bring you joy. It would make a poor travel story if you are acrophobic and spend both time and resources planning a tour that includes bungee jumping. An activity that seems like fun to others might end up being a traumatic experience for you. 

It would be exciting, however, if you are a book lover and you plan a trip with the Tianjin Binhai Library, China, on your travel list. The library’s iconic architectural structure and the wide array of books would make it a travel experience you are unlikely to forget. 

For people who do not have a fixed place in mind to visit but love to exchange travel stories, trips to popular places are the best option. The Effiel Tower in Paris, Yosemite National Park in California, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and Hawaii beaches are some popular travel destinations.

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to create a fulfilling travel experience. Although factors like the location of your travel destination, duration of your stay, and accommodation plans can hike your travel budget, you can plan a trip that doesn’t cost much in these areas. 

A great way to cut down the cost of travel is by traveling as a group to have access to discounts on accommodation and feeding. The best way to have a travel experience within budget is to plan the details of your trip and start saving towards it beforehand.

In all, it is important to note that places that bring you excitement create exciting travel experiences. So don’t sweat the fact that you aren’t super thrilled by what Paris has to offer. Plan a trip to where calls to you the most. And if you aren’t sure where to go, try looking for the places said to give the best services in what brings you the most comfort, and plan for a trip there!


4 Things to do Outdoors this Month

It is no news the Coronavirus outbreak changed a lot of things about travel. It is more than travel restrictions in certain countries, the decline of reservations in hotels and other hospitality centers, a hike in ticket pricing, and safety gears that take getting used to.

Again, there is a change in mindset. We are more cautious about where we go, how long we spend in environments we aren’t familiar with. When it comes to exploring new places, there is a tug of war in our minds between what we desire and what is safe. Still, it is hard to limit your movements when you are used to having no restrictions. 

Here are some ways to add spice to your daily life.


  1. Take your work Outside

Many organizations have adapted to remote working, and this has both positive and negative sides. While it feels easier to slide out of bed and jump straight to work without having to face morning traffic, the humdrum of being in the same room alone day in and out quickly gets demotivating. 

Taking your work outside can boost your creativity and attention to detail. TBAH has a Monday Beach Bum package that allows you to work seamlessly from a beach in Lagos State. This also allows you to network, surround yourself with other people, and have a more exciting work experience.


2. Go Hiking

Hiking is an underrated activity in Nigeria. It is cheaper than most tourist activities, and it is a great exercise with the perk of amazing sights to be viewed along the way. Wherever you are in Nigeria, you can plan a road trip with family or friends you feel safe with to any of these locations closest to you to see the wonders creation holds.

Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesha

Olumo Rock in Abeokuta State has manmade stairs and cervices for an easier hiking experience. 

Shere Hills in Plateau State is a more challenging climb, but the view set about 6,000 feet above sea level is a rewarding experience. 

Idanre Hills in Ondo State is a 667 stair climb to the top of the 800-year-old hilltop. 

Olumirin Waterfall in Osun State harbors a seven-part cascade that makes the arduous trek worthwhile. 

The Canopy Walk in Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos State is Africa’s longest canopy walk.

Whichever destination you choose, do not forget to dress for the occasion and carry a camera to document your entire experience.


3. Go on a Picnic

Mildly sunny days are one of the best days to lounge on a blanket to take in the scenery while munching on something. 

Picnics with a crowd you trust make a perfect outdoor activity. To amp up the entire experience, do not forget to take the board games, playing cards, footballs, Bluetooth speakers alongside your food and sitting items.

Nature Parks are good picnic spots because the air is fresher and there are more activities to explore. Depending on which part of Nigeria you reside in, these are some desired spots to have a picnic in:

Crushed Rock in Mpape, Abuja.

Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos.

Lufasi Nature Park, Lagos.

Agodi Botanical Gardens, Oyo.

National Museum, Edo.


4. Gardening

This might sound ridiculous to some, but many homes in the rural part of Nigeria have garden patches where food crops such as tomatoes, pepper, and vegetables are grown. Others have a more extensive farming setup. 

In the cities, it is quite rare to find greenery, yet this activity is therapeutic. Having a plant to care for not only gives you a form of purpose but the outcome of seeing what you plant come to life is very rewarding. Studies also show that gardening may cause growth in your brain’s memory-related nerves.  And it is a fact that plants purify the air.

If you have more land at your disposal, you can allot patches to your children or for different sets of crops which you nurture daily. But if you do not have space for planting, you can have potted plants on your window sills and balcony. Some plants that need little care are Aloe Vera, Jade (Money Tree), and Cactus. 

Sweater Weather: 5 Activities to do when it Rains

Rain unveils two kinds of people: the ones that find wonder in every raindrop, and ones that loathe all the dreary weather brings. There are many adverse effects of rain; your clothes get soaked through even with an umbrella, laundry has to stay hidden in the basket, travel flights are delayed, and the need to sleep makes workdays a chore.

On the flip side, it makes for cozy moments indoors, and the release of serotonin with the rain fosters a peaceful mind. If it is a rainy weekend, there are many activities to engage your mind to switch the gloomy day into a fun one.


  1. Get Organized

As a career person or entrepreneur, the weekdays tend to create a backlog of tasks you do not have time to do. It might suck because it seems you can’t do laundry because of the rain, but other things can take their place. Use the time indoors to organize your pantry, clean your window panes, and takedown cobwebs. Go through the motions of thorough cleaning. 

Not only will it feel rewarding when you look back at your clean space, but the background sound of rain and cool weather makes it the perfect moment to carry out this task.


2. Get Cooking

With ample time indoors, it is a good idea to coat your home with the aroma of cooked food and baked treats. This can be a practical task or a fun one. 

As a practical task, you can make soups and stews you will consume for the coming week. Store them up in airtight packs and preserve them further in the fridge or freezer. This saves the time to rustle up meals from the scratch after a long day at work. 

On a lighter note, you can experiment with recipes you have wanted to try out, or go on a whim and make a dessert with what you have in your pantry. Whatever you choose, keep the music up and keep your mind on the relaxing scent of spices.


3. Get Bookish

Rainy days are the perfect days for a cup of coffee or tea and a good book while you curl up on the sofa. Do you have books on your list you haven’t gotten around opening because of your schedule? The rainy days are days for you to engage your imagination.

With the pitter-patter of the rain, and a hot beverage stirring your insides; there is no stopping the adventure your mind is going to embark on with the help of a novel. Reading is also a great way to unwind and be apart from concerns, and this makes it a relaxing way to spend a rainy day during the weekend.


4. Get Moving

You can defy all odds and brave the outdoors. Watching the rain from a restaurant is not a bad idea. The rain slows down traffic and places that are usually crowded will have fewer people in them. This is the right moment to plan an outing to an indoor place on your outing bucket list.

Spend the day people watching, trying out new delicacies, or in a library. Embrace whatever the outdoors bring.


5. Get Watching

Rainy days can also be lazy days. Crown your lazy day with a movie marathon. Pull out the chick flicks, mellow dramas, and movies with a light theme to complement that dark weather.

Spend your day in bed living through the lives on your screen.