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Hotels VS Airbnbs

Last week, a couple of my friends wanted to visit. They were coming from out of town and my current accommodations could not contain them all. The debate began; will they rent a hotel for the duration of their stay, or an Airbnb?

The confidence one has in Motels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Airbnb and other forms of accommodations lie in the comfort it brings. You have the assurance your belongings are safe, and you can get a good night’s rest in a conducive environment with modern facilities. 

The question, sometimes, is which type o accommodation best suits your needs. For situations like this, what aids your final decision is the duration and purpose of your stay.


What is the purpose of your visit?

My friends were visiting for leisure purposes which meant they didn’t really need to be confined to a specific area. Although it would be nice for me to easily access them, it wouldn’t have made a difference if I couldn’t.

For scenarios where you travel for work purposes, it is wise to pick accommodations close to locations your meeting is scheduled for, and most times that means a hotel. 

Hotels are easier to find than Airbnbs, and you have the option to pick from the numerous selection for one that has facilities and services that best suit your need. This service can include laundry which gives the avenue to launder your work outfits without having to leave your hotel; turndown services, etc.


What is the duration of your visit?

My friends intended to stay for about three weeks. When putting this into factor alongside their number -it was a situation that looked like my entire village was coming to visit- it was prudent to go for an Airbnb.

Airbnb gives the impression of being in your own home. They are fully furnished apartments you can rent for a period. Unlike Bed & Breakfasts, you can go the duration of your stay at an Airbnb without seeing the manager or any interference. This means you have to get groceries yourself.

Also, most Airbnbs do not have limitations on the number of people that can reside in them per time, unlike a hotel.

My friends went with the option of renting an Airbnb. Having considered the purpose of their visit and its duration, it was a smarter decision for each of them to pool funds they would have spent in a hotel to rent an Airbnb which they would share together. After all, the more the merrier.


Hacks for booking a great hotel room

In most cases, hotels come hand in hand with travel, from holiday cruise to business trips, festivals ,events  and so much more. Hotels are a major part of our society because they add to the economic value of a nation and increase tourism-related development.
Choosing a hotel room needs attention to details, or else you will make some costly mistakes that could have been avoided.
Making the right decision on booking a suitable room is very much to our own advantage. It may become a terrible experience if you choose a faulty room and there are no rooms available for upgrade.

Here are the key factors to look out for when booking a room, especially if it’s your first time lodging at a particular hotel.


Where a hotel is located is very important. No one wants to lodge in a hotel that’s in the middle of nowhere. An accessible location is better. It is also nice to consider hotels that are closer to airports or train stations or even situated in the centre of town. Helen was traveling with family including little children and found herself in a dilemma, this particular choice is indeed unlucky for her. The location was way out of town and ended up being a stop over hotel close to the trailer park so you can guess the kind of market they cater to.

Source – departures.com. New York hotel room overlooking the city.


Take note of the level of hygiene, right from the reception of the hotel. How tidy is the front desk? How neat are the staff? Does the reception smell fresh? All these are what you should consider before you proceed to preview the room. The room should be clean, with no smell, insects, stains, growing molds, or dust as finding any of this would be a red flag. Helen booked  a room from a popular hotel chain on booking.com, her card was charged already and getting to the hotel, the smell of the lobby was not inviting and should have been a no except she already paid in full and no chances of a refund.

Source – Elite Hotels


Staff that are welcoming, exuding warmth, kind and hospitable have a way of making guests feel at home and even when there are faults in the room, service, or food provided, their manner of customer service may help you overlook certain things. Good customer service is a key factor.

Source -Menlynhotel.com

Relevant information

Finding out as much as you can about the hotel online, reading reviews  and inspecting in person goes a long way in obtaining full satisfaction and value for your money.  Get information on the types of rooms available, room rates, discounts available, room service charges, amenities available, and all you are entitled to. Not all staff at the front desk give you full information on what you have access to, therefore it’s better you make your findings.


Go for a place that has a cozy bed for ultimate relaxation and good food! Having a chef that delivers mouth-watering food is a necessity. Delicious food makes your stay enjoyable and will keep you visiting more often. A hotel that has fun facilities like a swimming pool, gym, snooker tables, casino, and massage parlors will definitely be a pleasant place to stay.