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Egypt the land of attractions!


Africa has tons of amazing spots filled with scenic views, wildlife parks, beautiful beaches, ancient monuments and so much more, proving to be some of the most exciting tourist attractions in the world! However, so much of the World is unaware of this, unaware of how captivating Africa can really be!


When Rietha Matthee, an expert travel agent visited Egypt, she stated “It was a life-changing experience. All the things we saw and experienced were amazing and we fell in love with the country and would love to return.”


Egypt is an undeniable beauty to behold in the African continent. It’s found in northeastern Africa and arguably, it’s also home to the longest river in the world, the River Nile.


Egypt is a breathtaking destination with lots of wonderful attractions. This North-Eastern African beauty boasts scenic mountain landscapes, sun-kissed beaches, dazzling deserts, ancient pyramids, temples and so much more to explore.



It’s worthy of being on every traveller’s bucket list because there are so many things to do and places to visit! If you want to relax by the pool or gleaming beaches or even prefer to tour the ultra-modern cities, exploring the ancient temples and pyramids, Egypt has it all!


Popular spots to visit in Egypt include the famous Ras Um Sid Beach and the beach at El Gouna, North of Hurghada filled with top-rated tourist attractions from cafés, Kayaking, windsurfing, Snorkeling, etc.

The Most Famous Beaches in Hurghada 2020 – Hurghada Beaches 2020


Other top attractions include exploring the great pyramid of Giza, Valley of the kings, diving into the Red Sea, White Desert National Park, Luxor temple, Egyptian Museum, etc


It is important for more people to explore the incredible African continent because there are lots of untold mesmerizing attractions in various African countries waiting for you to behold! It’s time to change the unpleasant narrative of Africa.


Book your next trip within the African continent and be that person to tell the world of just how blessed and attractive Africa is! 


Which other countries in Africa have you heard so much about and would love to visit?


Top African Countries to visit in 2021

Do you still have plans to travel in 2020 ? Or have you stored your passport away anticipating the coming year.

Experts around the world have highlighted about 20 countries in the world that will be a top destination in 2021. This article will focus on the African countries that made the list.


Kenya is in East Africa with her capital in Nairobi  and on a trip you should  expect to enjoy the wildlife safari, the pristine beaches and the culture of the people.The wildlife Safaris are the major attraction and every visitor sure has this on their to do list. Moreover your visit to Kenya is not complete without saying hi to the wildlife. Word on the street says you need to visit these places listed to qualify as a good tourist .

Nairobi National park, Maldini Marine National park which is a gem with clean water beaches and colorful aquatic habitation. Mount Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, Lamu Island which is very off the usual trail and reserved for discerning tourists who want an out of the box experience, the essence of the old and the past.

On a trip there, a lot of things are priced in dollars so be ready to part with a few.

Source – CNN Travel


Rwanda is in east-central Africa with its capital in Kigali, known for beautiful scenery and hills. The hub of sustainable Tourism and named the cleanest city in 2017 by the World Economic Forum. If you are looking for a budget  friendly location this will be your best bet. However some of the activities are expensive so you need to plan ahead and also set a priority of sites to visit. There are lots of lakes including volcanic ones, rivers,nature area, wildlife, hot springs, waterfalls etc. In summary if you are in sync with the outdoors and nature then this is your ideal spot.



The first thought about Egypt is usually pyramids Mummies as in Mummy movies and pharaoh , Nefertiti youth like feeling. However there is much more to see and do with pretty beaches and swimming high on your list with at least 12 choices to choose from.

Egypt is the country where you can experience a range of activities from relaxation to adventure and the culture making the perfect mix and experience. There are temples, tombs,, historic sites,deserts e.g. The Nile river , mount Sinai, artifacts in Luxor and Cairo the capital has all the city effects.

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Source : Plantware.com, El-Gouna Beach
Source Planetware.com , Taba Beach


Tunisia is located in the far North of Africa and one of it’s tourist attractions is the cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis. As Tunisia is located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, it offers some of the most beautiful beaches found in North Africa. According to The New York Times, Tunisia is “known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries.” Visiting this country is a unique cultural experience and you get to visit the archaeological site of Carthage, the Sahara dessert and the star wars filming location among others.

Source- World Travel Guide
Source – Tunisiatourisminfo.com

South Africa

From Capetown to Johannesburg ,Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth, you will be wowed and won over with lots of beautiful sites, adventure, fun activities and a general sense of well being. Activities include surfing,Vineyards, Lagoons,beaches, apartheid museum and a host of others.

Location highly recommended for the adrenaline junkie who derives pleasure in a host of activities and always ready to explore and hit the roads. A trip to South Africa requires you to please come prepared to spend the money.

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