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Ice Cream Fantasy: Where to get the best ice cream in Nigeria

Point out a child on Earth who doesn’t love the taste of ice cream, and I’ll show you a flying pig. Kids are drawn to sweet and sugary foods as an innate defense against poisonous foods which are often bitter. For many, this is a taste we never outgrow. 

According to IDFA (International Dairy Food Association), the origin of ice cream can be traced as far back as the second century BC where renowned persons like Alexander the Great, Marco Polo and even King Solomon enjoyed delicacies made of snow mixed with wine, juices, and other sweeteners. By the 17th Century, ‘cream ice’ made a regular appearance on Charles the First’s table, and in 1660 ice cream was made available for the general public. 

Ice cream, in many homes, is a treat. Children get it as a reward for being good, or on special occasions, and holidays which in turn creates a certain hype around the dessert. Many grown-ups still get a thrill when ice cream is mentioned. 

Whatever it is, we love ice cream, and here are some places in Nigeria to visit for the best ice cream.


Cold Stone Creamery

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone has become one of Nigeria’s favourite with good reason. First off, it has outlets in over 15 areas across Lagos State alone. It also has outlets in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Calabar, and other States with its signature taste similar in all locations.

Another thing that makes the brand memorable is the number of toppings it makes available to the public. From nuts to chocolate, biscuits, fruits, and candy; Cold Stone has a wide variety of flavors and toppings to choose from. One can spend 30 minutes trying to decide on what to get. 



If you ever find yourself in Benin City and you fancy a bite of ice cream, you should stop at Mat-Ice. It has about 11 outlets in Benin City; you can pick a spot close to you. 

Mat-Ice was established in 1944, and it has proven to know the stuff it’s made of. Although, it serves as both a restaurant with an ice cream palour, Ice cream here is delicious. 

There is a limited number of toppings in their outlets but as consolation, you can have this creamy delight with a snack.


Hatlab Gelato

Gelato is kind of like an ice cream that went to Italy, and we’d have to consider if the founders of Hatlab Gelato did too with the tasty options they serve at outlets in Abuja and Lagos State. 

You can get a number of flavours and pair them seamlessly with other dessert options like marble cake slices, hot dog pretzels, and more choices. Hatlab is a stop you have to make when you find yourself in Abuja.


Ice Cream Factory

If you are searching for ice cream that gives a premium feel, you definitely have to visit the Ice Cream Factory outlets in Lagos. 

Ice cream has been made into art with catchy dessert scripts written on the walls backing a spread of over 20 ice cream flavours that can be paired with muffins, apple crumbles, brownies, and more.


SweetTooth Confectioneries

SweetTooth Confectioneries dominates Port Harcourt as one of the best dessert spots. The ambiance sets the mood for ice cream to be well salivated. With a variety of flavours, SweetTooth Confectioneries also has cake slices, macaroons, and other desserts that can be enjoyed with your preferred scoop of ice cream.

It is a spot in Port Harcourt you do not want to miss out on the experience.

Where has the best ice cream you have ever tasted?


6 Restaurants in Lagos to Reserve Today

The Coronavirus outbreak resulted in the lockdown of restaurants and a careful re-opening, making us think carefully about our movement to certain places. You wouldn’t want to get to a restaurant and find it filled to its maximum capacity. As people stretch their limbs to explore more after being cooped up, it is smart to ensure places you intend to visit can accommodate you. 

Another thing the pandemic did is make restaurants acclimate faster to the digital environment. Restaurants offer contactless deliveries for orders placed via online platforms, and many offer reservations to track capacity in a bid to enforce social distancing. 

While you plan a get-together with your friends for food and drinks, note these restaurants in Lagos offer online or call-in reservation options.


  1. Hard Rock Cafe
source: Travel Landers

If you like a mix of great cuisine, live music events, and a calming ambiance for the little ones (if you have any), Hard Rock Cafe is a perfect fit.  You can make table reservations via a contact number on their website; or make inquiries about other services they offer without being in their outlet physically.

Ease the stress of the day with Happy Hour.


2. Cactus 

The sweet tooth has a home in Cactus. From pastry like macaroons and croissants, ice cream in different flavors, gluten-free and vegan options to vegetarian meals, Cactus covers this all. With a great view to add to the list, this is one restaurant you should make an online reservation for before you leave your home.


3. Ocean Basket

source: Trip Advisor

Ocean Basket has outlets in Lagos Mainland and Island where they serve a gourmet of seafood and other Mediterranean dishes. If you don’t want to place an order for takeaway or delivery, you can always make reservations to dine in and enjoy the treats of the Sea.


4. The Grid Restaurant and Winery

The Grid Restaurant is a hub for African dishes. They also have a selection of continental dishes as well as an extensive drink menu. With murals depicting the Lagos environs and Nigerian Art, the ambiance is satisfactorily cozy. 

For safety reasons, The Grid Restaurant requires making reservations first. It is also open for order deliveries.


5. Samantha’s Bistro & Grill

source: Cassie Davies

When we talk about reservations opening doors, Samatha’s Bistro & Grill is high on this list. Her doors are open daily only by making reservations which can be done via their website. 

Meals from Nigerian, Italian, and French cuisines are prepared fresh; this gives you a wide range of options to choose from. Samantha’s Bistro & Grills also has a food delivery system.


6. Maison Eric Kayser

With dine-in, takeouts, and reservations available in Eric Kayser, you have the luxury of planning for a magnificent time here in whatever way you prefer. Eric Kayser is both a cafe and a restaurant and the menu spans from hot chocolate and ice cream to lasagna and other pasta dishes. It also has both indoor and outdoor dining options.