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The Hot-Day Guide

On a hot day it feels like the sun has a personal vendetta against you. Those days are torturous. You’d love to be outdoors, but the heat locks you in. 


It doesn’t matter if you reside in a tropic or temperate region. Sometimes, the climate is hotter than you are used to, increasing irritability and sweating; it generally puts you in an uncomfortable mood. It’s worse when it falls on the weekend or a vacation period when you ought to have time to spoil yourself outdoors.


But, like all seasons, there is a hack to make the most of a sweltering day. It starts with breaking out your bright coloured shirts and short shorts. It is also the time to grab a pair of sunglasses and a face cap while strutting through this hot-day guide.

Water Sports are IT

There are no better days for water sports than hot days. Large bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and seas heat up and cool off slower than land, which makes it cooler on hot days.


Kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding are some water sports to try out. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a veteran. It is exciting to take lessons if these facilities are close to you. That’s learning while cooling off.


Beach Days are LIT

Picture yourself lounging under a cabana with a chilled drink in your hand, while the cool salt air washes over your skin. That’s a definition of a cool time on a hot day.

The beach is one perfect place to be on a humid day. The variety of activities like horseback riding, go-cart riding, Ferris wheels, and beach volleyball, amongst others are good enough to keep you occupied. And when things get too hectic, you can recline and munch on delicacies or take a dive to cool off.


Swimming Pools are RAD

Instructor and little girl in the pool on a hot day. Phot Cred: NY Times

A fact about swimming pool centers is some offer lessons. If you aren’t a swimmer and would love to learn, the hot days are the best time to consider it. It’s like a buy one, get one free deal. You enjoy the coolness of the water while practicing swimming techniques.

Some hotels have amazing pools. Spending the weekend in a hotel gives you the luxury to read a book while kicking your feet in the pool or sunbathing next to the pool’s coolness. 


The options are extensive. Whatever you choose, know that you can always jump in and cool off.


Getting Naked is IDEAL

Sitcom FRIENDS playing Strip Poker

Playing a round of strip poker with the air conditioner blasting is not a bad idea. Of course, you wouldn’t want to try this with people you aren’t comfortable with. Raise the stakes by adding optional dares.


It is a fun activity to try out with your close friends while sipping on homemade margaritas.


Ice Cream’s real PURPOSE

Ice cream cone, essential for a hot day

Whatever you do during the sweltering days, you must have ice cream. The rush of relief you feel when it heats your tongue cannot be exaggerated.

If you do not feel like going out to get some; you can order in while watching your favourite TV shows.


How to lighten your suitcase when travelling


The holiday season is upon us and somewhere right now, some how,  many of us have our empty luggages waiting to be filled up and carried off to that amazing Christmas destination!

If you are a chronic over packer like most people out there, you would be thinking of what to put in or not put into your suitcase to avoid making it unnecessarily heavy and full of items you don’t actually need for your trip. Relax over packers, you’re also covered!

To begin with, being at the airport with an over-weight suitcase heavier than an elephant is an annoying and costly experience, especially when you’ve tried your very best not to over pack. Airlines have a baggage allowance policy for each passenger and exceeding the baggage allowance costs extra money.

Here are some tricks to help you organise your luggage with just what you would need for your next trip and still stick to the allowed baggage policy.


1)      Forget about the just incase outfits : Many travellers, both female and male, usually have this urge to put in extra outfits in their suitcases for the unexpected occasions that may turn up. This particular packing habit needs to be dropped as you will most likely pack up a lot of clothes you do not need and most likely will not even wear during your trip.

2)      Arrange your travel wardrobe: Before heading out on a trip, research on how the weather will be in your intended destination and also the most likely events or spots you would visit. This will help you plan out what type of outfits to pack up for your trip and keep away the unneeded items.

3)      Always include neutral outfits: These are outfits that have basic colours that practically goes with and looks good on any other colour. Black, grey, nude, white etc. This is reasonable, because it frees up the space of packing up 6 or 7 different outfits, when one neutral outfit could be packed and rhyme with every outfit you pair it with!

4)      Pack less shoes: This won’t be easy, especially for the ladies but packing less shoes is important. Apart from the fact that shoes have a lot of weight, you definitely won’t be needing so many pairs. Two to three pairs of shoe should serve for your trip, hence you need to plan what shoes would go better with your already selected outfits. Anne McAlpin, a packing expert, says “people often over pack shoes, but setting a maximum of three pairs will help you pare down your wardrobe and avoid over packing.”

5)      Use packing cubes: Using compression cubes or bags are becoming more popular with travellers. Compression technology is so vital to travel as it will assist to keep you organised and also save up space in your bag.

6)      Don’t be a last minute packer: A lot of people are guilty of this, packing just a night before your trip can be crucial and chaotic. Asides from packing a lot of item you do not need, you may also forget a lot of item you actually need and end up with a pretty heavy luggage.


Top 5 Places for First Dates

It feels a bit daunting picking the right location for a first date. You don’t want to appear too serious or unserious; too miserly or too spendthrift. You want to have a good time yet get to know the other person too through conversations and observations.

Considering all these factors and more, you might find yourself wondering what places are perfect for first dates. Here are our five picks for a wonderful first date experience.


  1. Beaches

While some people might consider this an odd choice, the beach is one place that has almost everything if you aren’t sure where to take your date.

The soothing atmosphere created by crashing waves and salt air sets a relaxing tone for your date. You can stroll along the coastline and surround yourself with intuitive questions and anecdotes. 

Landmark Beach, Lagos

The beach also provides an array of amusement like surfing, horseback riding, Ferris wheel rides for the more sport inclined people. It is nice to place a bet on who completes a task first if you have a competitive date.

Also, there is no shortage of food and drinks at the beach. Experience more exotic flavours and have a relaxing and fun first date on the beach. Lagos has a number of beaches like Oniru, Landmark, and Lekki Leisure Lake which are wonderful spots.


2. Restaurants

The top choices are cafes, Chinese, or fancy restaurants. These places typically have private sitting areas or enclosures that give the privacy needed to have conversations without the worry of distractions like loud music or disconcerting sounds. 

If you want to focus solely on conversing, this is the best bet. Words can be tossed while you wait for your selected food of choice, and when you have nothing to say, taking a bite is the perfect excuse. 

Cactus Restaurant, Lagos

If you are a foodie or you have a foodie as a date; this is the best setting.

But, above all, there are countless conversation fillers food provides. So while you enjoy the company of your date, fortify yourself with food and shared likes.


3. Garden Parks

Parks make for a scenic and serene date and are one of the top places to have a date for nature lovers. One can spread a blanket over the grass, enjoy a picnic while you watch people on their journey through the moment.

Jhalobia Park, Lagos

The quiet environment gives ample room to have an intense conversation, and the greenery feeds the eyes. Some parks have designated game areas and food stands. In all, it is a great spot for a first date. Lagos has some nice parks like Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Jhalobia Park in Ikeja, and a host of others.


4. Cinemas

Although you would like to get to know your date, sometimes you aren’t entirely in the mood for full-on conversations. A cinema is a great option because most cinemas are located in a mall or a place with a lot of social activity. 

You can window shop, stroll around to take in the sights, or grab a bite. These activities can be interspaced with light conversations while you prepare for the main movie event.

When in doubt, pick a comedy airing. It is always nice to start off with a good laugh.


5. Amusement Parks

It might be a mix of nostalgia and adrenaline rush, but amusement parks make for a very exciting first date. 

The assortment of rides and fun activities will leave you on a high note. It is almost impossible to botch a date at the amusement park. Once filled up with fun and laughter, it is easy to pull off light conversations along the way. Omu Resort and  Trans Amusement Park in Ibadan is worth visiting and enough reason to set up a date-cation.

Omu Resort, Lagos

You would definitely want to take pictures as mementos or get souvenirs at the stores. 


The Eiffel Tower 

France’s Eiffel Tower is one of the country’s top tourist spots and just taking a picture beside this astonishing Tower is the signature clue that you are in Paris, without even having to tell anyone!

Believe it or not, at 1050 feet, this structure was the world’s tallest building for over 40 years before it was overtaken by the Chrysler building in New York in 1930. Also, it was initially built as an entrance to the World Fair Exposition in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.


It took roughly two years and two months to complete this stunning structure, which was from 1887 to 1889. Three hundred steelworkers and well over 17000 metallic parts, 40 tons of paint, and 2.5 million rivets are what it took to birth the glamorous Eiffel Tower. 

An amazing fact about this great structure is that it moves while also being able to withstand the heaviest winds, and never sway more than 4.5 inches! In 1913, a renowned expert on aerodynamics named Eiffel published “The Resistance of the Air.” He and his team actually designed the Tower never to sway more than 4.5 inches and have heavy wind resistance.


Eiffel Tower is named right after the talented genius who brainstormed and designed this structure, Gustave Eiffel. France remains top of the list of most visited countries in the world.

Paris, the capital city of France is definitely on so many travellers’ must-visit list for a reason, the popular French cuisines, wine, croissants, cheese, baguette bread, historic monuments, friendly locals and so much more.

France is a globally loved nation, also famous for high-end fashion shows, skincare products, and designer perfumes. 

Water Fun

Water is truly a gift to mankind and daily we make use of water to do multiple things, like cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning the dishes, brushing our teeth, and very importantly drinking it to quench thirst. The list can go on and on, but have you ever imagined using water for fun activities?

There are lots of amazing sports and activities in the water that are so amusing! More interestingly many holiday destinations with beaches always have a larger number of tourists. 

Beach destinations are always known to be attractive and enjoyable for almost anything, from taking lit pictures to sunbathing, to various water sports! 

Day by day holiday locations surrounded by water or close to the ocean coast gain more popularity and the focus on making more water fun activities to win over tourists is on the rise!


“Water-full” destinations like Seychelles, Maldives, Goa beach, Inagbe beach resort in Lagos, Labadi beach resort in Ghana, etc have introduced multiple water engaging sports to keep visitors entertained. 


The ideal vacation spot needs to be different from what we are used to every day and that explains the concept of some people preferring a serene environment, tall trees, and clear blue water over mountain spots or snowing destinations.  Some Countries go as far as creating man-made beaches in a bid to beautify their environment and attract visitors, for instance, Palms island in Dubai, Sentosa island in Singapore, Camden beach in London are all man-made beaches!


palms, Dubai

When next you plan to set out to the beach, these are simple ways to enjoy yourself:


i) Water bucket relay:

In this game, there are two teams and two small empty transparent buckets placed behind each team. Each team member will have a big plastic cup while standing in the line of their teams. The teammates first in line will rush to the ocean and fill their cups up with water, then run back to the line and pass the water in their cups over their head to the next teammate’s cup without looking back. In the same manner, each teammate would do the same till the last team member pours what’s left in their cup into the transparent bucket. When this is done the last teammate rushes to the ocean, gets water, and continues the same process till the agreed time is up or in some cases, till the transparent bucket is filled up. The team with the most water in the transparent bucket wins.

ii) Building sandcastles:

Getting dirty and playing in the sand is a must when visiting the beach, especially when there is so much water to clean up afterward. Making sandcastles is lovely as you get to explore your creative nature! This involves using sand, water, and an empty bucket to mold up a castle of your choice from the mud.

iii) Parasailing:

One of the most popular water sports which does require a bit of bravery! Just imagine being connected to a parachute, in your swimwear and life jacket, then flying high above the ocean like a bird in the sky. 


iv) Jet-skiing:

Any vacationer seeking fun would have this sport at the top of their list! This water vehicle is just like a motorbike on water, and the ocean waves make the ride on a jet ski unforgettable. 

jet skiing

v) Kayaking:

This is an exciting water sport that’s also like a form of workout because you would move most parts of your body. It simply allows you to move on the water in a flatwater vessel while paddling with a double-bladed paddle.

vi) Water gun:

This is an enjoyable outdoor game that can be played at parties, the beach, in a swimming pool, and definitely by adults too! It involves the use of a water gun and has different ways to play.  One of the ways to play this game is having a water war between two teams while trying to capture a flag or a water balloon from the other team. They go after each other, usually, when touched by water from the gun of the opponent team, you will freeze for few seconds before continuing to play or can be released when tagged by a fellow teammate.

It could also be used to play a beach ball race, where each player uses the water gun to push off their beach balls to the finish line, the first to reach the finish line is the winner.

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a calm sunbather, there is something fun for everyone to do at the beach. This list of activities can go on and on! Which one would you try on your next visit to the beach?


Egypt the land of attractions!


Africa has tons of amazing spots filled with scenic views, wildlife parks, beautiful beaches, ancient monuments and so much more, proving to be some of the most exciting tourist attractions in the world! However, so much of the World is unaware of this, unaware of how captivating Africa can really be!


When Rietha Matthee, an expert travel agent visited Egypt, she stated “It was a life-changing experience. All the things we saw and experienced were amazing and we fell in love with the country and would love to return.”


Egypt is an undeniable beauty to behold in the African continent. It’s found in northeastern Africa and arguably, it’s also home to the longest river in the world, the River Nile.


Egypt is a breathtaking destination with lots of wonderful attractions. This North-Eastern African beauty boasts scenic mountain landscapes, sun-kissed beaches, dazzling deserts, ancient pyramids, temples and so much more to explore.



It’s worthy of being on every traveller’s bucket list because there are so many things to do and places to visit! If you want to relax by the pool or gleaming beaches or even prefer to tour the ultra-modern cities, exploring the ancient temples and pyramids, Egypt has it all!


Popular spots to visit in Egypt include the famous Ras Um Sid Beach and the beach at El Gouna, North of Hurghada filled with top-rated tourist attractions from cafés, Kayaking, windsurfing, Snorkeling, etc.

The Most Famous Beaches in Hurghada 2020 – Hurghada Beaches 2020


Other top attractions include exploring the great pyramid of Giza, Valley of the kings, diving into the Red Sea, White Desert National Park, Luxor temple, Egyptian Museum, etc


It is important for more people to explore the incredible African continent because there are lots of untold mesmerizing attractions in various African countries waiting for you to behold! It’s time to change the unpleasant narrative of Africa.


Book your next trip within the African continent and be that person to tell the world of just how blessed and attractive Africa is! 


Which other countries in Africa have you heard so much about and would love to visit?


Why Opt for Group Activities?

Vanessa is the queen of social interactions. There is a Vanessa in our life; that friend that always has an occasion to attend, or is the star of any social gathering they find themselves in. As a result of this, Vanessa was the main link in my social life.

I couldn’t understand how she was so comfortable in her skin or could talk to anyone in any field without breaking into cold sweats. The thought alone gave me anxiety being that I am an introvert.

It’s simple to overcome this fear, and it can be done in the most enjoyable way possible; by opting for more group activities. Of course, visiting the beach is a pleasurable activity. You get to breathe in the fresh air with a salty tang and generally calm your mind, but it is even more exciting when you visit the beach as a group.

Take the Lagos Monday Beach Bum by TBAH as an example. Alone, you could engage in a leisure walk down the beach but other beach activities are pretty much limited. As a group, you get to enjoy group sports activities, catch sights you might have missed if you were otherwise alone with no one to point them out, share a lounge that might have been wasteful to get for just yourself, and the best part; interact with people with a different mindset and perspective from yours.

Vanessa was like a walking encyclopedia. There was almost nothing I was confident she couldn’t answer; this is because she spent a bulk of her time with people she continuously learned from on her various group outings.

Another thrilling bit is how leisure group activities stir up your self-confidence. It is easy to get lost in the fun of so much happening with so many people, you forget to hide in your head. I loved my monthly eat-out with my friends I had acquired through Vanessa.

It started as an invitation to have brunch with a group of her friends and I was given the option to invite some of mine too. With over ten people on a table, sharing work and life experiences, you find out your life is as normal as the next person’s. It becomes easy to open up and voice out your opinions; laugh to let out stress without the pressure of carrying on a conversation which you would have had to if it was a brunch for two; listen and learn from other people’s experiences, and share advice should you need to.

Of course, there are some days you need quiet time alone by yourself, but the benefits of a group outing are numerous. Why not plan for a picnic this weekend with a group of friends, and watch how the dynamics play out?


Lagosians March Activity Guide

Vanessa and I were making progress on having a better outdoor lifestyle like we set our minds to. So, this month, we decided to do something different to kick it up a notch. 

Vanessa and I were very competitive, and what better way to have fun than add a bit of spice to it? We came up with a guide to help in achieving a more active social and outdoorsy lifestyle for March. It was a list of activities we wanted to do, pooled together and scattered across the different weekends of the month.

The aim is to have a set of activities lined up for some weekdays and weekends, we could either separately or jointly attend to check off a March Activity Guide we created. Whoever finished off all preset activities or does the most of them by the end of March gets a gift from the loser. This is a perfect game for your group of friends to bring you closer and prompt a more active social life.

You could print out the list and check it off as you go. The list is much easier to accomplish if you reside in Lagos State, but wherever you reside, you can pick spots that are of the same function to check it off your list. 

Check back in the comment section to let us know how many activities you tick off the guide.

How to Recharge your Energy

For the past couple of days, my mood had been dark. Like clouds, it hung over everything; from work to social interactions, shadowing it with gloom and making it difficult to be happy. I was sure I had been a pain to everyone around, and we are all going through a lot.

The year 2020 has been like a concert, unveiling artiste after artiste remarkably good at what they do which in this case is causing worry and depression with performances of a pandemic, worldwide and national crisis. It is almost impossible not to succumb to the weight of it all. 

By October, I was handling it all very badly. My mental energy levels were low, and with the scare of a second wave of the Coronavirus looming about, it became even worse. 

How do you cope with heavy feelings and recharge your energy?


Have a Support System

Friends eating and sharing thoughts

Vanessa had been holding up better than I had, and as the day wore by, she decided I needed an intervention.

I was surprised by a knock on my door one Saturday morning. A number of my friends and siblings that were in town hovered on my doorstep with food, ice cream, and snacks I couldn’t remember the last time I indulged in.

Together, we all moaned about the happenings in the world and our personal lives. The hours spent lightened my mood considerably. 

It is the realization you are not alone, and in some way, everyone else is on the same rocky ride with you that brings comfort in a weird way. After hours of talking, sharing, laughing, and eating, I was ready to face the world again and stage an intervention for someone else like Vanessa had done for me.


Take a Trip

A trip to the Supermarket

Someone once said to me that leaving your house and going somewhere is traveling. I liked the thought of that.

A trip to the local market or the gym has something in common, you never know what you might encounter on the way and that in itself is exciting. You don’t have to break the bank to recharge your energy levels, and sometimes just breathing in a different location feels relaxing.

I learned that the best way to revamp your headspace is to put on some clothes, tell yourself very firmly that you are putting aside all worries for a couple of hours, and set out with a destination in mind. I assure you, even the skies would look prettier with a worry-free mind.

Allow yourself to breathe.



Take a couple of days off work, and on your days off, rediscover yourself.

Pick up a hobby you have left behind, cool off with a long swim, take long naps, have a good cathartic karaoke session, purge yourself. Basically, unplug with activities that bring you excitement and a sense of calm.


Give yourself a Treat

A perfect item to eat when you are down is ‘chocolate.’

Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ chemicals. It also contains serotonin which is an antidepressant that serves to elevate your mood. 

It mustn’t be chocolate. There is some food that adds the tone of sunlight to the mood when you think of them. So when you are having a cloudy day, it is a good time to light it up with a portion of these foods. 

There is a phrase that has been trending lately and it goes ‘suffer no dey finish’. Hard times do not end, dark days will always come. Where there is good, there is bad; where there is light, there is also darkness. 

It is up to us to make more memories of days filled with sunshine and hold someone’s hand in these dark times as we journey on.