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Is Green Africa the cheapest airline in Nigeria?



It may have been challenging for other airlines in the Nigerian aviation industry as Green Africa Airways announced launching its much awaited airline services in June 24th, 2021, with flight tickets available for purchase by the public for as low as ₦16,500. Considering the negative effect of covid-19 vividly affecting the progress of other airlines in the country, the industry’s newcomer, Green Africa choose a perfect time to hit the Nigerian aviation world, stand out and make a glaring difference. 


They were offering to carry passengers almost less than half the amount other local airlines were conveying their passengers! Destinations routes included Abuja, Akure, Enugu, Ilorin, Lagos, Owerri and Port Harcourt. 

The CEO of Green Africa Airways, Babawande Afolabi,  made it clear that one of the main areas of concentration was to focus on the economic interest of it’s customers and provide low cost fares for passengers. 

“We are crafting a network plan that will afford more customers the opportunity to pursue their economic interest or simply spend more time with family and friends,” Afolabi said while announcing the new route.


However, months later along the line, after kicking off operations and bringing in fresh competition to the aviation industry in Nigeria, industry experts argue that Green Africa Airways is by far not the cheapest airline in Nigeria. 

Aviation professional analysts suggests that when airlines charge less than  ₦40,000 per passenger, there would be a loss in operational costs of the airline which is risky, as aviation fuel is estimated to cost about  ₦220 per litre and a whooping amount of 8000 litres ( ₦1.7 million)  or more is needed to operate a one way local flight route! 

An unhappy passenger simply identified as Wanger Barnabas Akaazua, stated “If anyone told you this airline is cheap then they don’t know the truth about this airline. They’ve painted a picture that they’re affordable but in the actual sense they are one of the most expensive,” he stated.

 Akaazua lamented that there are so many hidden charges that are only revealed at the counter and not included anywhere on their website.

“What they don’t tell you is that you are entitled to only 7kg (both hand luggage and baggage). So, for every extra 1kg you pay N600.

“Imagine travelling with your family. For a flight of N25,000 I was made to pay an extra N10,000. Even hand luggage is weighed. How will I pay N25,000 and be entitled to only 7kg? That’s how I ended up paying N35,500 when Air Peace was N30,000,” the passenger complained. 

There are three types of economy class on the Green Africa Airways, which are the gSaver,  gClassic and gFlex.  The prices of these ticket types differ on baggage allowance. Passengers’ flight fares vary based on the amount of luggage they carry. 

The gSaver flyer enjoys 7kg hand luggage, the gClassic flyer enjoys all the benefits of the gSaver ticket plus an additional 15kg checked in luggage while the gFlex passengers has access to 7k hand luggage, 15kg checked in luggage, free seat selection, free online check-in and flight ticket changes at no additional fee.


Is flying first class really worth it?


Flying first class most likely means luxury seating on a plane, preferential treatment in services rendered, more comfort and most importantly, the very pricy flight fares! The kind of ‘exclusive’ flight fares that makes you wonder, if it’s really worth it?

On all occasions, when you get on a commercial plane, there are always the first-class passengers who are a limited number of passengers (usually not more than 10), who are seated towards the front of the airplane enjoying more space, comfort, service and privacy.


First class is categorized as airplane luxury. Different airlines provide different services and special treatment for first class passengers ranging from private suites, fast in-flight WiFi, access to exclusive lounges to even on-board showers. In turn, first-class flyers pay an expensive flight fare, which is way more than any other class of flyers.


First class travel experience includes being the first passengers on board the aircraft, averting the long waiting lines at the gates, extra large seats with enormous carry-on space, complimentary gifts from the airline, first class bar with champagne and all the other wonderful things you can think of. It’s arguably clear that the benefits of first class play in even before your flight takes off. Amazing, isn’t it?

Other flight classes include the business and economy. Business class is above economy class. Flying business class also offers a premium experience in flight with upgraded amenities and even before boarding, there are separate check-in for them and business class lounges that offers showers and nap rooms. The main difference between business class and first class is the seat type, as some first class seat types are generally bigger, having a private space or suite and may rotate or even turn into a bed unlike business class seats.  Also the price difference stands out between a first class and business class traveller. In most cases, a first class traveller is expected to pay about 60-200% more than a business class traveller.

What about the economy class travellers? Economy class is also known as standard class, which many travellers make use of.  Generally speaking, compared to the other cabin options of business class and first class, the seats in economy are smaller with less legroom. Also the level of service, flight entertainment, type of tv screens and food options are limited and surely you can not keep asking for more champagne. A lot of people argue that economy class is just a way of travel, comfortable enough to get you to your destination and the extra travel fuss is not needed. However, Ralph Waldo Emerson says “it’s not the destination, it’s about the journey.”


It is important to note that all seat types and options of in-flight service depends on what airline you are flying, as different airlines sets different service standards for their passengers.


Flying is a fun experience for many, however who wouldn’t love an extra luxury added to that fun?  It is said that ‘fly business class once and you’ll never be happy in economy again’.  The benefits of flying first class are so many, but we will leave it to you to decide in the comment section if it’s really worth the money or not?


The Eiffel Tower 

France’s Eiffel Tower is one of the country’s top tourist spots and just taking a picture beside this astonishing Tower is the signature clue that you are in Paris, without even having to tell anyone!

Believe it or not, at 1050 feet, this structure was the world’s tallest building for over 40 years before it was overtaken by the Chrysler building in New York in 1930. Also, it was initially built as an entrance to the World Fair Exposition in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.


It took roughly two years and two months to complete this stunning structure, which was from 1887 to 1889. Three hundred steelworkers and well over 17000 metallic parts, 40 tons of paint, and 2.5 million rivets are what it took to birth the glamorous Eiffel Tower. 

An amazing fact about this great structure is that it moves while also being able to withstand the heaviest winds, and never sway more than 4.5 inches! In 1913, a renowned expert on aerodynamics named Eiffel published “The Resistance of the Air.” He and his team actually designed the Tower never to sway more than 4.5 inches and have heavy wind resistance.


Eiffel Tower is named right after the talented genius who brainstormed and designed this structure, Gustave Eiffel. France remains top of the list of most visited countries in the world.

Paris, the capital city of France is definitely on so many travellers’ must-visit list for a reason, the popular French cuisines, wine, croissants, cheese, baguette bread, historic monuments, friendly locals and so much more.

France is a globally loved nation, also famous for high-end fashion shows, skincare products, and designer perfumes. 

Explore Kwara state

It’s a thing of pride to learn more about your country’s culture and natural wonders!  It’s totally better to be well informed than having foreigners tell you about what you have in your own home country. Nigeria has a handful of captivating spots that lots of us do not know of.


Kwara state is a well-visited tourist spot in Nigeria and I bet you didn’t know that! Be rest assured to expect every and anything in this scenic wonderland! There are lots of exciting activities to do and places to visit in Kwara state. Just keep it at the back of your mind, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.


Here is a glimpse at some places to explore in Kwara:


(i) Owu Waterfall: This natural delight is one of the most outstanding natural wonders in Kwara state and Nigeria at large. It is the highest waterfall in West Africa at 120m above the water level, cascading 330 feet down an escarpment. Visiting this waterfall and getting to dip in the icy pool at the bottom is an amazing feeling. Health professionals insist waterfalls play a major role in reducing stress levels, depression, and anxiety. So if you are having a moody day or just want to relax and get away from it, Owu waterfall is the place to be!

(ii) Dada pottery: Found in the Dada district of Ilorin, Kwara state. Dada Pottery arguably has the largest cluster of potters in the state. It is a sight to behold, coming in close contact with professional potters and watching art being created first hand. The amount of potters present, their dedication, and professionalism makes watching them and even trying to mold up clay yourself such a delight!


(iii) Esie Museum: The oldest and first museum in Nigeria established in 1945, holds many cultural and artistic features that date way back in time. It’s one of the most popular museums in the country and making a stop at the Esie Museum is a great way to adventure and enrich your mind with knowledge at the same time. 

(v) Emirs Palace/Central Mosque: The Ilorin Central mosque is the second largest mosque in Nigeria and it has a capacity of about 20000 worshippers! It is located at the Emir’s palace, Oja Oba. Also, around Oja Oba is the popular Ilorin Gold Souk/market so you can kill 2 birds with one stone.


(vi) Unilorin  Zoological Garden: Kwara state has it all and that includes a zoological garden with an incredible zoo for wildlife lovers. 


(vii) Aso-oke Weave Centre: The beautiful Aso-oke material handwoven by professionals dates far back to ancient African history and it remains one of the most recognized African fabrics worldwide. This art of cloth weaving began centuries ago among the Yoruba tribe, however predominantly in Kwara state, Oyo state, and Osun state.

When you think of touring Nigeria, do not forget you can get a journey filled with pleasurable moments in Kwara!


Why Opt for Group Activities?

Vanessa is the queen of social interactions. There is a Vanessa in our life; that friend that always has an occasion to attend, or is the star of any social gathering they find themselves in. As a result of this, Vanessa was the main link in my social life.

I couldn’t understand how she was so comfortable in her skin or could talk to anyone in any field without breaking into cold sweats. The thought alone gave me anxiety being that I am an introvert.

It’s simple to overcome this fear, and it can be done in the most enjoyable way possible; by opting for more group activities. Of course, visiting the beach is a pleasurable activity. You get to breathe in the fresh air with a salty tang and generally calm your mind, but it is even more exciting when you visit the beach as a group.

Take the Lagos Monday Beach Bum by TBAH as an example. Alone, you could engage in a leisure walk down the beach but other beach activities are pretty much limited. As a group, you get to enjoy group sports activities, catch sights you might have missed if you were otherwise alone with no one to point them out, share a lounge that might have been wasteful to get for just yourself, and the best part; interact with people with a different mindset and perspective from yours.

Vanessa was like a walking encyclopedia. There was almost nothing I was confident she couldn’t answer; this is because she spent a bulk of her time with people she continuously learned from on her various group outings.

Another thrilling bit is how leisure group activities stir up your self-confidence. It is easy to get lost in the fun of so much happening with so many people, you forget to hide in your head. I loved my monthly eat-out with my friends I had acquired through Vanessa.

It started as an invitation to have brunch with a group of her friends and I was given the option to invite some of mine too. With over ten people on a table, sharing work and life experiences, you find out your life is as normal as the next person’s. It becomes easy to open up and voice out your opinions; laugh to let out stress without the pressure of carrying on a conversation which you would have had to if it was a brunch for two; listen and learn from other people’s experiences, and share advice should you need to.

Of course, there are some days you need quiet time alone by yourself, but the benefits of a group outing are numerous. Why not plan for a picnic this weekend with a group of friends, and watch how the dynamics play out?


A Weekend to experience

It was the third day of me trying to remember the last time I stepped outside or did anything remotely fun. 

The coronavirus outbreak turned the whole world and work normalcy around, making working from home and constantly being indoors the new normal. Being outside for prolonged hours was starting to sound like something out of a storybook.

So, when my friend called to wail about how insane she would go if she opened her eyes to the pastel-toned walls of her house one more day, I understood, but it was really hard to come up with anything that sounded lowkey fun when most of our favourite restaurants weren’t open for dining in.

Insert light bulb; something randomly cool came to mind, and it is the perfect set up for your partner, small group of friends, or family looking for a little bit of adventure. I almost couldn’t claim the credit for thinking it up!

Fast forward to Friday – meeting us with our duffle bags packed, water bottles in hand (because Vanessa was on a fluid diet), sunglasses (one of the most essential for any kind of outing), face masks on and hand sanitizer tucked into the side pouch of our bags. I was feeling pumped.

Hours later we checked into a quiet hotel with the looks of a suburban home in Banana Island. There was not a single pastel-toned wall in sight so I could say it was looking like a very good start. It seemed like just a much-needed change in scenery, but it was more than that. 

Here are three things to turn a normal hotel weekend into a bundle of fun.

Indoor Games & Activities

A new environment calls for proper scavenging even though you are sure not to find any surprises in the wardrobes, cabinets, and bathrooms of a hotel. There is simply something exciting about spending the night in a room that is not yours. Let’s not forget to mention the orgasmic capacities of long hot showers.

It felt like an adult sleepover complete with binge-watching sappy movies in our pajamas, eating junk food, and crying when Jack told Rose to move on without him in ‘Titanic’. 

The relaxing feel dug out nostalgic memories shared in conversations over a bottle of wine. With a group of friends, we wouldn’t have passed up the opportunity to play games, but we settled for game shows on the TV.

Have a Pool Hangout

One of the criteria in choosing our hotel was the presence of a pool. 

The hotel had a Caribbean pool set up with a riot of vegetation in potted plants and wavey palm trees. The umbrella shadowing beach lounge chairs were a nice touch and I had a hard time peeling Vanessa off them without spilling the cocktail she ordered for effects.

Sunbathing in bikinis and taking a swim to cool off is a great shared activity. I spent most of my time with my feet in the pool while I read a novel in the serene provision of the spot. 

The cool thing about pools in a hotel is they are open 24 hours giving you the perfect opportunity to turn the night into one spent in the well-lit pool playing games, and recreating water activities.

Rooftop Dinner

My favourite activity during the weekend had to be linked with food. Food makes the world go around, and there are few things better than food.

I have to say this was by far the best hotel experience. Being served dinner on the rooftop of the hotel under the soft glow of lights strategically placed, feeling the cool breeze caress your skin while you stare down at the sight of the city a distance below you made dining a delight. Now imagine this with someone you have romantic ties with.

Going back home on Sunday served as a reminder that sometimes you need just one place and a great company to have the best time of your life. Lockdown or not, a good hotel adventure sets the mood for an even better week ahead.