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Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja, now open.

The wait was definitely worth the while, as the newly constructed Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja, officially opens its doors to the public!


 Setting an almost unbeatable standard in the Nigerian hospitality industry, Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja stands out with 206 guest rooms and 44 suites, inclusive in all rooms are 55′ inches smart televisions, complimentary WiFi, exceptional Marriott luxury bedding, and many more amenities. 

Marriott brand, making a debut in Nigeria will definitely remain a lucrative move considering the population and level of travel in the country. Also, the location of the hotel is the heartbeat of Lagos making it close and accessible to a wide range of individuals.


The newly built hotel also has specially designed amenities for it’s guests including the Great room, the M Club for elite club members, a luxury spa, a fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool, making it perfect for business and leisure and the modern-day travellers.  

Volker Heiden, the Marriott International – Sub Saharan Africa area vice-president stated: “We are excited to have opened the Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja, bringing ‘Marriott Hotels’ transformed vision to Nigeria.”


“Lagos is a vibrant and bustling city with much to see and do for leisure and business travellers.


“What better place to debut the Marriott Hotels brand in Nigeria with its thoughtful service and intuitive spaces that enable guests to be inspired during their stay.”

Marriott brand has a whooping 580 Hotels and resorts in over 60 countries across the world! The Marriott brand is of USA origin and is among one of the most popular hospitality brands in the world presently. 

Hacks for booking a great hotel room

In most cases, hotels come hand in hand with travel, from holiday cruise to business trips, festivals ,events  and so much more. Hotels are a major part of our society because they add to the economic value of a nation and increase tourism-related development.
Choosing a hotel room needs attention to details, or else you will make some costly mistakes that could have been avoided.
Making the right decision on booking a suitable room is very much to our own advantage. It may become a terrible experience if you choose a faulty room and there are no rooms available for upgrade.

Here are the key factors to look out for when booking a room, especially if it’s your first time lodging at a particular hotel.


Where a hotel is located is very important. No one wants to lodge in a hotel that’s in the middle of nowhere. An accessible location is better. It is also nice to consider hotels that are closer to airports or train stations or even situated in the centre of town. Helen was traveling with family including little children and found herself in a dilemma, this particular choice is indeed unlucky for her. The location was way out of town and ended up being a stop over hotel close to the trailer park so you can guess the kind of market they cater to.

Source – departures.com. New York hotel room overlooking the city.


Take note of the level of hygiene, right from the reception of the hotel. How tidy is the front desk? How neat are the staff? Does the reception smell fresh? All these are what you should consider before you proceed to preview the room. The room should be clean, with no smell, insects, stains, growing molds, or dust as finding any of this would be a red flag. Helen booked  a room from a popular hotel chain on booking.com, her card was charged already and getting to the hotel, the smell of the lobby was not inviting and should have been a no except she already paid in full and no chances of a refund.

Source – Elite Hotels


Staff that are welcoming, exuding warmth, kind and hospitable have a way of making guests feel at home and even when there are faults in the room, service, or food provided, their manner of customer service may help you overlook certain things. Good customer service is a key factor.

Source -Menlynhotel.com

Relevant information

Finding out as much as you can about the hotel online, reading reviews  and inspecting in person goes a long way in obtaining full satisfaction and value for your money.  Get information on the types of rooms available, room rates, discounts available, room service charges, amenities available, and all you are entitled to. Not all staff at the front desk give you full information on what you have access to, therefore it’s better you make your findings.


Go for a place that has a cozy bed for ultimate relaxation and good food! Having a chef that delivers mouth-watering food is a necessity. Delicious food makes your stay enjoyable and will keep you visiting more often. A hotel that has fun facilities like a swimming pool, gym, snooker tables, casino, and massage parlors will definitely be a pleasant place to stay.

A Weekend to experience

It was the third day of me trying to remember the last time I stepped outside or did anything remotely fun. 

The coronavirus outbreak turned the whole world and work normalcy around, making working from home and constantly being indoors the new normal. Being outside for prolonged hours was starting to sound like something out of a storybook.

So, when my friend called to wail about how insane she would go if she opened her eyes to the pastel-toned walls of her house one more day, I understood, but it was really hard to come up with anything that sounded lowkey fun when most of our favourite restaurants weren’t open for dining in.

Insert light bulb; something randomly cool came to mind, and it is the perfect set up for your partner, small group of friends, or family looking for a little bit of adventure. I almost couldn’t claim the credit for thinking it up!

Fast forward to Friday – meeting us with our duffle bags packed, water bottles in hand (because Vanessa was on a fluid diet), sunglasses (one of the most essential for any kind of outing), face masks on and hand sanitizer tucked into the side pouch of our bags. I was feeling pumped.

Hours later we checked into a quiet hotel with the looks of a suburban home in Banana Island. There was not a single pastel-toned wall in sight so I could say it was looking like a very good start. It seemed like just a much-needed change in scenery, but it was more than that. 

Here are three things to turn a normal hotel weekend into a bundle of fun.

Indoor Games & Activities

A new environment calls for proper scavenging even though you are sure not to find any surprises in the wardrobes, cabinets, and bathrooms of a hotel. There is simply something exciting about spending the night in a room that is not yours. Let’s not forget to mention the orgasmic capacities of long hot showers.

It felt like an adult sleepover complete with binge-watching sappy movies in our pajamas, eating junk food, and crying when Jack told Rose to move on without him in ‘Titanic’. 

The relaxing feel dug out nostalgic memories shared in conversations over a bottle of wine. With a group of friends, we wouldn’t have passed up the opportunity to play games, but we settled for game shows on the TV.

Have a Pool Hangout

One of the criteria in choosing our hotel was the presence of a pool. 

The hotel had a Caribbean pool set up with a riot of vegetation in potted plants and wavey palm trees. The umbrella shadowing beach lounge chairs were a nice touch and I had a hard time peeling Vanessa off them without spilling the cocktail she ordered for effects.

Sunbathing in bikinis and taking a swim to cool off is a great shared activity. I spent most of my time with my feet in the pool while I read a novel in the serene provision of the spot. 

The cool thing about pools in a hotel is they are open 24 hours giving you the perfect opportunity to turn the night into one spent in the well-lit pool playing games, and recreating water activities.

Rooftop Dinner

My favourite activity during the weekend had to be linked with food. Food makes the world go around, and there are few things better than food.

I have to say this was by far the best hotel experience. Being served dinner on the rooftop of the hotel under the soft glow of lights strategically placed, feeling the cool breeze caress your skin while you stare down at the sight of the city a distance below you made dining a delight. Now imagine this with someone you have romantic ties with.

Going back home on Sunday served as a reminder that sometimes you need just one place and a great company to have the best time of your life. Lockdown or not, a good hotel adventure sets the mood for an even better week ahead.