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The Eiffel Tower 

France’s Eiffel Tower is one of the country’s top tourist spots and just taking a picture beside this astonishing Tower is the signature clue that you are in Paris, without even having to tell anyone!

Believe it or not, at 1050 feet, this structure was the world’s tallest building for over 40 years before it was overtaken by the Chrysler building in New York in 1930. Also, it was initially built as an entrance to the World Fair Exposition in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.


It took roughly two years and two months to complete this stunning structure, which was from 1887 to 1889. Three hundred steelworkers and well over 17000 metallic parts, 40 tons of paint, and 2.5 million rivets are what it took to birth the glamorous Eiffel Tower. 

An amazing fact about this great structure is that it moves while also being able to withstand the heaviest winds, and never sway more than 4.5 inches! In 1913, a renowned expert on aerodynamics named Eiffel published “The Resistance of the Air.” He and his team actually designed the Tower never to sway more than 4.5 inches and have heavy wind resistance.


Eiffel Tower is named right after the talented genius who brainstormed and designed this structure, Gustave Eiffel. France remains top of the list of most visited countries in the world.

Paris, the capital city of France is definitely on so many travellers’ must-visit list for a reason, the popular French cuisines, wine, croissants, cheese, baguette bread, historic monuments, friendly locals and so much more.

France is a globally loved nation, also famous for high-end fashion shows, skincare products, and designer perfumes. 

Croissants in Paris

Do you have a food obsession? 

Food obsessions are like an upgraded form of food cravings and I know this feeling well because when I was younger, I used to be obsessed with croissants even before I tasted them.

My first experience happened quite accidentally later that year. It was the end of a school day, the sun was hot and I was standing by the ice cream wagon fantasizing about the flavour I would get when my gaze snagged on a yellow wrapper in a refreshment kiosk with the word CROISSANT on it. Of course, it was too pricey for me so I saved up a week worth of my lunch money until I was able to buy one.

I still remember the feeling I had biting into the baked flaky outer crust to crash into soft buttery insides filled with rich melted chocolate. It was more than just croissants; it was the taste of discipline, longing, and yumminess. 

It tasted like victory, and my food obsession grew even stronger from then.

Years later while I watched an episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ where a sister had a craving and flew to the country of origin to sate it, my mind drifted back to croissants. Although Austrian in origin, croissants are most popular as one of the top delicacies to try out in Paris and are paired with a variety of foods from whipped cream to fruits like strawberries.

It might be because the name sounds so exotic saying it out loud feels like you are immediately teleported mentally to a quaint cafe at a corner in Paris feeling a gentle breeze flutter the scarf around your neck while you take in the scenery with warm croissants between your fingers, but this pastry is a must-have.


I’m no ‘Emily in Paris’ but the lure of croissants, romance and a healthy dose of curiosity puts Paris as my next travel destination. 

What food are you willing to travel the globe for?